The Rezzed 2018 Experience

This was my worst Rezzed so far, though I’ll admit that my swollen hurt leg is an important factor in that statement. I have a knack you see, a knack for injuring myself in the stupidest ways imaginable. I’ve twisted an ankle getting out of a house through a ground floor window and last week I tripped and fell extremely hard on my left knee and shin on the way to answering the intercom on my flat. Yeah, that’s the level of athleticism we’re working with here. So, of course, Rezzed was a painful affair and the reason I didn’t stay until closing time on Friday, left 3 hours into Saturday and didn’t even go on Sunday.

On the upside, I managed to play everything I wanted to play and managed to get thoroughly annoyed by the organisation of the event, so let me tell you this story! Let’s start with the annoyances! Continue reading The Rezzed 2018 Experience

Rezzed 2017 – Games Higlights – The Best of the Rest

Last day of my Rezzed 2017 coverage, before we return to our normal programming of rants, annoyances and reviews…plus the occasional short story when something bad happens. To recap, this week I spoke of my experience at Rezzed this year, and on Wednesday I told you about the games I saw on the sessions I booked with the Square Enix Collective, Bandai Namco and R8 Games.

Remember I mentioned that I booked few interviews and slots so I could go exploring? Well that’s what today’s about, the fun things I saw on my own at Rezzed 2017. Continue reading Rezzed 2017 – Games Higlights – The Best of the Rest

Rezzed 2017 – Games Highlights – The Booked Sessions

On Monday I spoke of my Rezzed 2017 experience and if there was one thing missing from that piece was perhaps to talk about some of the games I saw. But don’t worry, as I mentioned on Monday, today and Friday will be all about that.

Another thing I mentioned is that I booked very few interviews, three in total, so I could have the time to explore and find games for myself, those hidden gems of Rezzed.

That’s what today is all about, the best of the game I played during my booked sessions with the Square Enix Collective, Bandai-Namco and R8 Games. Continue reading Rezzed 2017 – Games Highlights – The Booked Sessions

Rezzed 2017 – The Experience

This year it was a different Rezzed for me. I couldn’t make it all three days, having only time for the closing and busiest day of the event, Saturday. Because of it I decided not to book many appointments, only settling for three: Square Enix Collective, Bandai Namco and the devs of Formula Fusion. The last one intrigued me despite not being one of my usual genres. Continue reading Rezzed 2017 – The Experience

Review: Syndrome

You wake up aboard a ship drifting through space. Everything is dark and everyone is dead. You hear strange noises coming from the darkness and a voice guides you across the halls, your only hope for survival. No, it’s not System Shock, it’s Syndrome!
Continue reading Review: Syndrome

EGX 2016 – Smash Up & The Little Acre

To close off this week on EGX, I’d like to tell you about two more games I saw there, Smash Up and The Little Acre.

During my short, yet very productive, time in Birmingham last Saturday, I played many more games, but I chose these two as the last ones for my EGX coverage for two main reasons: the first one is that I think they’re pretty neat, each for its own reasons. The second is that just like every other title I’ve spoken of this week, Smash Up and The Little Acre will release very soon.

EGX had some amazing games, but among them, I would rather give priority to the ones you’re going to see on Steam very soon. But don’t worry, I am planning on covering the rest with some in-depth previews as soon as footage or demos are available to do so.
Continue reading EGX 2016 – Smash Up & The Little Acre

EGX 2016 – Mekazoo

Mekazoo is a game I first saw at Rezzed, and what I mean is I noticed the booth. Rezzed was crazy, with tons of games available and every day I discovered a new gem I had missed, but it was inevitable that I would not get to play all of them.

So when the chance came up to play Mekazoo during EGX I leapt at the chance and booked the appointment, just to make sure I would get to play it and talk to the developers, The Good Mood Creators.

What I found was a fantastic platformer with incredible depth and a high skill cap. Let’s break it down. Continue reading EGX 2016 – Mekazoo

EGX 2016 – Rising Star Games – Earth’s Dawn

One of the publishers I hoped to see at EGX was Rising Star Games. I spoke to their PR man Tyrone Walcott last year and hoped to do so again. He’s a really fun and passionate guy, and it’s always a pleasure to see him speak of the games he’s got lined up.

This year though I had only one of the titles on my mind, Earth’s Dawn. It was the first game I played when I entered the EGX halls and I had to force myself to leave it and fulfill my professional obligations. It was a ton of fun. And when I met Tyrone later that day, I saw he too shared my appreciation for it. Continue reading EGX 2016 – Rising Star Games – Earth’s Dawn

EGX 2016 – Merge Games – Sublevel Zero Redux, Aragami, Mainlining and Hopiko

Last year I spoke to Merge Games about a ton of games, with Riot being my favourite, and later that year and even into 2016 they helped out with my charity works, both on Extra Life and Gameblast with the Gamely Giving crew. I knew Merge was going to be at the event so I made sure to catch up and talk to Nick Clarkson, their head of PR and Marketing.

It’s rare for me to see PR people so passionate about the games they’re talking about, as strange as that may sound. There is only a handful I’ve spoken to in the past few years who seem to be as into the games as their audience is, and Nick is one of them. Continue reading EGX 2016 – Merge Games – Sublevel Zero Redux, Aragami, Mainlining and Hopiko

The EGX Experience 2016

From Thursday 22 to yesterday, Sunday 25 of September, EGX took place, once more at the Birmingham NEC (which I insist on wrongly calling “neck”). My original plan was to be there the weekend but in the end, I only made the trip on Saturday.

The main reason for this is that I was exhausted. When I arrived in London in the morning, hoping to take the tube from Tower Hill to Euston Square and then walk to Euston Station, I found that because of engineering works, there were no trains heading that way or anywhere east. Back on street-level I tried to find a bus but couldn’t, so my only choice was to walk 5 km to Euston. By the time I got on the train to Birmingham, I was already exhausted and my day was just starting. Continue reading The EGX Experience 2016