Dragon Ball FighterZ – Beta Weekend Impressions

I’ve had my eye on Dragon Ball FighterZ for a while now, always keen to look at whatever little footage crossed my path. When Bandai-Namco offered a code for this weekend’s beta, I jumped at the chance and joined many others in testing the network and online components of this Dragon Ball fighting game.

What did I think? Well, before I tell you that, let me first state this. I’ve played many Dragon Ball fighting games over the years, in 2D and 3D, standalone or part of long series, and the best among them, for me, is Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi 2, the Wii version in particular. I sunk hours on end into that game and had some of the most intense and amazing matches I’ve ever played in fighting games, especially with one of my closest friends, where our matches went on as we learned to counter each other’s moves.  Continue reading Dragon Ball FighterZ – Beta Weekend Impressions

Rezzed 2017 – Games Highlights – The Booked Sessions

On Monday I spoke of my Rezzed 2017 experience and if there was one thing missing from that piece was perhaps to talk about some of the games I saw. But don’t worry, as I mentioned on Monday, today and Friday will be all about that.

Another thing I mentioned is that I booked very few interviews, three in total, so I could have the time to explore and find games for myself, those hidden gems of Rezzed.

That’s what today is all about, the best of the game I played during my booked sessions with the Square Enix Collective, Bandai-Namco and R8 Games. Continue reading Rezzed 2017 – Games Highlights – The Booked Sessions