Glorious Gaming Goodness

Last week was Extra Life and it was a day of fantastic tabletop RPG awesomeness. And though I hope that by plugging the event again and casually mentioning to you all our awesome prizes, which can still be unlocked by donating HERE until the end of the month, I can get you to give a bit of your hard-earned money for a good cause, it’s time to move on and get back to usual business.

The first week of November was an eventful one, wasn’t it, with lots of major game releases that we’ve expected for ages. There was the Nazi-punching simulator Wolfenstein, the next in the Mario Saga, and the Assassin’s Creed title with the double task of setting up the origin for its series’ canon and at the same time recover what its predecessors lost, loyalty and trust. There were other releases but in my eyes these were the biggest ones and of course, I got my hands on them.  Continue reading Glorious Gaming Goodness

Extra Life 2017 – It’s a wrap…ish!

Hello everybody.

So, on Saturday with my good friends we ran a trio of RPG adventures for Extra Life, had tons of laughs as it tends to happen when geeks get around the table to kill monsters with dice, and we managed to raise some money for charity. Continue reading Extra Life 2017 – It’s a wrap…ish!

Extra Life – It’s Game Day!

And it’s time! We’re kicking off our Extra Life stream with a game of Dungeons & Dragons! Come check us out at TheLawfulGeek’s Twitch channel! On the donation info box below the video you’ll find all the detail you need to donate and help us along with this great cause.

But, just in case, here’s where you need to go to donate, and here’s what you can win should we raise enough money and the ways you can influence our games with your donations: Continue reading Extra Life – It’s Game Day!

Extra Life 2017 – Tabletop RPG Time!

Extra Life is this Saturday! I’m really excited to take part this year and to raise money for McMaster Children’s Hospital, part of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Continue reading Extra Life 2017 – Tabletop RPG Time!

Extra Life 2017 – Prizes and Games

Hello everybody and welcome to October, one month and a day to Extra Life 2017 and a day of pure tabletop role-playing gaming goodness.

As I mentioned before, unlike my last participation and that of most people, I will not be taking part of the event broadcasting a series of videogames from dusk till dawn to collect your hard earned money for the amazing cause that is the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, specifically the McMaster Children’s Hospital, but instead I and some talented friends from around will join together to play tabletop role-playing games for you, putting our players through the paces in epic adventures for your entertainment. Continue reading Extra Life 2017 – Prizes and Games

Extra Life 2017 – RPG Time

In 2015 I participated in Extra Life as part of the Team Tomb Raider Community. I played for about four days in a row, more than 12 hours a day trying to raise $500 for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Sadly, I couldn’t quite meet the goal but I had fun streaming, playing old games in one sitting and working as part of that great team.

In 2016, between moving from Ireland to England and settling in and everything that comes with it, I couldn’t take part in Extra Life, but this year I’m definitely doing it. On Saturday November 4th I’ll be once again doing my best to raise money for charity. But unlike 2015, the plan this time around is a little bit different. Continue reading Extra Life 2017 – RPG Time

Extra Life 2016

Around this time last year, I was getting ready for Extra Life, putting together a list of games to play, prizes to give away, conditions for raffle entries and of course, the all-important donation goal. I worked tirelessly on this, getting in touch with game developers for keys, Blue Microphones for a Blue Yeti as grand prize and coordinating with the rest of the Tomb Raider Community Team. Continue reading Extra Life 2016

EGX 2016 – Merge Games – Sublevel Zero Redux, Aragami, Mainlining and Hopiko

Last year I spoke to Merge Games about a ton of games, with Riot being my favourite, and later that year and even into 2016 they helped out with my charity works, both on Extra Life and Gameblast with the Gamely Giving crew. I knew Merge was going to be at the event so I made sure to catch up and talk to Nick Clarkson, their head of PR and Marketing.

It’s rare for me to see PR people so passionate about the games they’re talking about, as strange as that may sound. There is only a handful I’ve spoken to in the past few years who seem to be as into the games as their audience is, and Nick is one of them. Continue reading EGX 2016 – Merge Games – Sublevel Zero Redux, Aragami, Mainlining and Hopiko

Dungeons & Dragons – The Savage Gate

For Extra Life 2015, I decided to have a live Dungeons & Dragons session. I’m a big fan of Penny Arcade’s Acquisitions Inc. sessions and I thought it would be nice to do something like that. The only problem was my players were all around the world, making meeting up a bit of a challenge. Thankfully, there’s, perhaps the best online Tabletop RPG platform out there (I interviewed them last year, by the way).

With the platform sorted it was time to get the players. I asked friends and other content producers, and came up with a nice cast for this game: Continue reading Dungeons & Dragons – The Savage Gate

Rise of the Lawful Geek

A year or so ago I opened my first channel on Twitch, and like most of my accounts online I called it KKutlesa, my name and surname. Not the most creative I know, but it didn’t matter to me. I didn’t need to hide my name behind an alias, nor did I have any idea about building a brand. It was just a channel to have fun with once in a while. Continue reading Rise of the Lawful Geek