Review: Steamworld Dig 2

Rusty’s missing, wandering the desert after destroying the Vectron. Most have moved on, but Dot refuses to do so, embarking on her own deep digging adventure to rescue her friend and maybe save the world in the process. This is Steamworld Dig 2.
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Rezzed 2017 – Games Higlights – The Best of the Rest

Last day of my Rezzed 2017 coverage, before we return to our normal programming of rants, annoyances and reviews…plus the occasional short story when something bad happens. To recap, this week I spoke of my experience at Rezzed this year, and on Wednesday I told you about the games I saw on the sessions I booked with the Square Enix Collective, Bandai Namco and R8 Games.

Remember I mentioned that I booked few interviews and slots so I could go exploring? Well that’s what today’s about, the fun things I saw on my own at Rezzed 2017. Continue reading Rezzed 2017 – Games Higlights – The Best of the Rest