Unity Awards 2016 – NFTS Games – Into the Black

Unite is the yearly Unity super convention, giving Unity engine game developers the chance to mingle and network with fellow game devs, learn of the latest and upcoming technologies and even get certifications in Unity development.

But there is another thing happening at the yearly Unite, The Unity Awards, celebrating some of the year’s best releases using the engine, and this year, the talented students of the NFTS Games program received a nomination in the Best Student Project category. Continue reading Unity Awards 2016 – NFTS Games – Into the Black

The EGX Experience 2016

From Thursday 22 to yesterday, Sunday 25 of September, EGX took place, once more at the Birmingham NEC (which I insist on wrongly calling “neck”). My original plan was to be there the weekend but in the end, I only made the trip on Saturday.

The main reason for this is that I was exhausted. When I arrived in London in the morning, hoping to take the tube from Tower Hill to Euston Square and then walk to Euston Station, I found that because of engineering works, there were no trains heading that way or anywhere east. Back on street-level I tried to find a bus but couldn’t, so my only choice was to walk 5 km to Euston. By the time I got on the train to Birmingham, I was already exhausted and my day was just starting. Continue reading The EGX Experience 2016

Review: Nebulous

An astronaut is lost in space, sucked through a wormhole and spat out somewhere he doesn’t know. No, it’s not Farscape, it’s the latest puzzle game Nebulous.

Continue reading Review: Nebulous

Review: P-O-L-L-E-N

In an alternate universe, Kennedy didn’t die and the USSR and the USA joined forces in the space race, colonising and exploring the solar system and beyond, finding amazing things in distant planets. After losing touch with Research Station M, on Titan, you’re the one sent to fix it all and find out what happened to the crew. This is P-O-L-L-E-N.
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Rezzed 2015 – Taphobos

This one was strange. A game about escaping from a coffin and which you played from inside one. When I first read the press release for Rezzed I said to myself “No way in hell!” but this was my first Rezzed and if I didn’t do it I know I would’ve regretted it. Continue reading Rezzed 2015 – Taphobos