Review: Golem Gates

The world is a ruined place, darkness blankets every surface. But even in this darkness hope awakens, it’s the Arbiter. Guided by a mysterious entity, he’s on a quest to recover his identity and free the land, and to do so he must destroy their Golem Gates
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Preview: Golem Gates

I’m usually not a fan of card-based games unless they’re card games. Ok, that didn’t make much sense. Let’s try again: I like card games like Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering, Gwent and so on, CCGs, TCGs and deck builders. Those games where the cards are the game. What I’m traditionally not a fan of are those games in other genres that use decks and cards, such as RTS or RPGs using decks, say Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories or Children of the Zodiarcs.

Funnily enough, I kinda like both of those examples, because they’re very good implementations of the cards and deck mechanics in other genres. But it’s something that can go in horrendous directions unless done properly.

So, when I got the information on Golem Gates, a real-time strategy title on Early Access and featuring cards, I had that involuntary groan when I suspect the experience is going to be awful. But as always, I said yes, because despite my misgivings and fears, there might be a jewel of gaming there, and unless I give it its fair shake, I won’t find out. Continue reading Preview: Golem Gates

EGX 2016 – Smash Up & The Little Acre

To close off this week on EGX, I’d like to tell you about two more games I saw there, Smash Up and The Little Acre.

During my short, yet very productive, time in Birmingham last Saturday, I played many more games, but I chose these two as the last ones for my EGX coverage for two main reasons: the first one is that I think they’re pretty neat, each for its own reasons. The second is that just like every other title I’ve spoken of this week, Smash Up and The Little Acre will release very soon.

EGX had some amazing games, but among them, I would rather give priority to the ones you’re going to see on Steam very soon. But don’t worry, I am planning on covering the rest with some in-depth previews as soon as footage or demos are available to do so.
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I Love a Good Tavern Brawl!

I love Blizzard games, all of them. I play World of Warcraft with my trusty Druid. I have a Witch Doctor in Diablo III I visit occasionally for a nice hop through some rifts. I have faced the Zerg and Protoss in StarCraft II, and I regularly kill stuff and get my butt handed to me in Overwatch.

And of course, there’s Hearthstone, a game that speaks to my love of the world of Warcraft and my one-time addiction to Magic the Gathering and other collectible card games. I play it almost every week, but there is something about the game that continues to annoy me: quests involving classes and decks that I don’t use—a very wide category considering I only play Druid decks. Continue reading I Love a Good Tavern Brawl!