The Weekly Puzzle

Every week, I delve deep into my gaming memory to bring you another puzzle I found entertaining, mind-blowing or just brain-sizzling. These are the puzzles that in one way or another have defined who I am as a gamer and as a puzzle solver.

Every once in a while I’ll give you a puzzle of my creation, be it a riddle, a scenario, a numeric combination or a cypher. If you solve them, I’ll find a way to reward you (a prize or an entry into an upcoming raffle!)

The Weekly Puzzle hits every Monday!

Issue 1- Bunny Minefield New Puzzle

Issue 2 – Monkey Business

Issue 3 – Lord Forgive Him Puzzle Solution | New Puzzle

Issue 4 – Bomb Disposal Psychic

Issue 5 – Puzzle Raider Puzzle Solution

Issue 6 – Underhanded Recruitment New Puzzle

Issue 7 – Green Truth

Issue 8 – So Simple It’s Elementary!

Issue 9 – I’m Batman! New Puzzle

Issue 10 – Firebaaaaaargh Not Again!

Issue 11 – The King, The King, The King is on Fire!

Issue 12 – This is not the Bandit you are Looking For! Puzzle Solution

Issue 13 – It’s all Smoke & Mirrors

Issue 14 – Puzzle Reeling

Issue 15 – Word Blind

Issue 16 – Thou Art Chosen

Issue 17 – Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey…Swamp!

Issue 18 – The Mighty Duck!

Issue 19 – Clickety-Klacks!

Issue 20 – Lost for Words

Issue 21 – Lactose Eruption

Issue 22 – Future Past

Issue 23 – Popper Poppin’

Issue 24 – Boxed to the Stars

Issue 25 – Stoneshipped

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