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Revisiting The World – .Hack//G.U. Issues

For the past two weeks I’ve been replaying .Hack//G.U nonstop, thanks to the PC re-release, .Hack//G.U. Last Recode, which in addition of bringing back the original game and upscaling it, […]

A Hat in Time
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Review: A Hat in Time

It’s time for the last review of 2017, and I can’t think of a better way to end it than with a dash of pure platforming and adventuring joy. This […]

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Dungeons & Dragons Christmas Binge

When Christmas Eve and Day come, no matter where we are and who we are with, alone, with bad company or annoyed at having to spend time with relatives we […]

Spellforce III
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Review: Spellforce III

The Mage Wars have ended but the world isn’t at peace. A deadly plague and a fanatical group killing magical beings keep the populace in fear. But there is hope, […]

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The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 – Review

I liked the first season of the Shannara Chronicles, I thought the plot was great, performances were strong and it had some fantastic twists that I didn’t see coming. Season […]

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Star Ocean: The Last Hope 4K And Full Remaster – Review

The Earth is gone, kaput, we blew it up. Now, the space, the final frontier, the Star Ocean may be our Last Hope. This is Star Ocean IV: The Last […]

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Review: Morphite

A lone girl in a space station dreams of exploring. One day she gets the chance and finds something she’d only heard of in stories, the wondrous material known as […]

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Review: Black Mirror

On his father’s passing, David Gordon returns to Scotland to the family’s ancient manor, a place hiding a terrible dark secret, one tied to the house’s namesake, the Black Mirror.

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Review: Inmates

Johnathan wakes up in a prison, with no memory of how he got there and a pounding headache. He hears voices all around him and the place seems strangely familiar. […]