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Review: Forgotton Anne

For the past few weeks, when doing reviews, I’ve been doing two games in the same article—thanks to the new concise review format. But sometimes, you gotta give a game […]

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Video Game Characterisation – Character Feelings vs Male Toxicity

As I wrote my Tomb Raider article for Wednesday and by playing through the latest God of War, I realised that video game character writing was changing and by god […]

Shadow of the Tomb Raider
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Shadow of the Tomb Raider: The Quest for Lara’s Humanity

Yay, a new Tomb Raider is coming and we’ve seen trailers and footage and a month-long campaign of mini games on the official Shadow of the Tomb Raider site. NuLara […]

Nancy Drew
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Nancy Drew – That’s all Folks!

While we wait for Midnight in Salem, which might never make its Spring 2019 release window, I’ve now played every Nancy Drew title possible and have some thoughts on the future of the series and the titles I played!

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Twinned Reviews: Super Daryl Deluxe & Azure Saga: Pathfinder

In the past few weeks I’ve played my fair share of RPGs, so much so that they seem to be my main genre at the moment. I’m still playing through […]

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The Rezzed 2018 Experience

This was my worst Rezzed so far, though I’ll admit that my swollen hurt leg is an important factor in that statement. I have a knack you see, a knack […]

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Top Myst-like Games

A few weeks ago I saw that Cyan Worlds had put up a Kickstarter campaign for a 25th Anniversary Collection of Myst, a series of games I adore but because […]

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Review: Golem Gates

The world is a ruined place, darkness blankets every surface. But even in this darkness hope awakens, it’s the Arbiter. Guided by a mysterious entity, he’s on a quest to […]

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Preview: Golem Gates

I’m usually not a fan of card-based games unless they’re card games. Ok, that didn’t make much sense. Let’s try again: I like card games like Hearthstone or Magic the […]

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Review: Super Seducer

The world’s premiere seduction “guru,” Richard La Ruina, is here to teach you the trick, to help you avoid making mistakes, so you can become what he is:  a Super […]

The Station
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Review: The Station

A three- person crew aboard the stealth station, the Espial, set out on a mission to study an alien planet, the first with a civilisation. When contact is lost, they […]

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Review: Past Cure

Over the years of writing reviews for games, both those with codes received from developers, publishers and their PR people and those I purchase myself, I believed I had become […]