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On Mental Health

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve seen many people I follow or listen to speak on the subject of mental health, specifically their own and it’s gotten me to […]

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Review – Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

The world ended somewhere between a plague and many nukes. Pockets of civilisation still exist but mostly it’s all one giant irradiated wasteland. In this new world it’s mutants who […]

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This is How We Role – Episode 8 – Down the Drain

Took a couple of weeks to get this episode done, due to some last-minute illnesses among the group but here we are, episode 8 of the ongoing Dungeons & Dragons […]

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Darksiders III – WTF Happened?

Last night I finsihed Darksiders III and instead of whooping and feeling excited across the playthrough, as I did with its predecessors, I could only ask myself: What the hell […]

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Backer Build Preview – Phoenix Point

I love X-COM, which I think I’ve stated a few times. When the chance presented itself to back the new game by Julian Gollop. the creator of the very first […]

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Review: Return of the Obra Dinn

The Obra Dinn was lost at sea, the souls aboard it missing along with the vessel. Now it’s been found but empty, save for the skeletal remains of its crew […]