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Review: Inmates

Johnathan wakes up in a prison, with no memory of how he got there and a pounding headache. He hears voices all around him and the place seems strangely familiar. […]

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Extra Life 2017 – Prizes and Games

On Extra Life 2017 we’ll be playing tabletop RPGs instead of videogames and will be giving away some sweet RPG books for every $100 raised. Check out all the prizes coming and what we’ll be playing.

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Inside the gaming world – How do characters feel about the inner workings of videogames?

Have you ever thought at what happens inside a game for the characters? I mean, when we pause a game, what do they do, stay frozen in place or do […]

Steamworld Dig 2
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Review: Steamworld Dig 2

Rusty’s missing, wandering the desert after destroying the Vectron. Most have moved on, but Dot refuses to do so, embarking on her own deep digging adventure to rescue her friend […]

XCOM 2 War of the Chosen - The Chosen
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XCOM 2 – Ranking the Chosen!

I love XCOM 2. I played it on release and gave it one hell of a score. Now Firaxis and 2K have released an expansion that’s making me love the […]

A Robot Named Fight
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Review: A Robot named Fight

The great machines left earth, leaving the poorer and weaker robots behind, defenceless against the Great Beast, a pulsating mass of flesh of planetary proportions. Now you must fight, as […]

Beat the Game
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Review: Beat the Game

You find yourself in the desert, full of strange creatures, floating orbs and cubes. There’s a literal sandman surfing around the area and monoliths in the distance. In the face […]

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Review: Songbringer

A simple scouting mission becomes a desperate fight for survival. With only your trusty bot and a nanosword by your side, you must do all to return to your ship, […]