This is How we Role – Episode 11 – Gate Crashers

It’s taken some time to upload this but here it is, episode 11 of This is How we Role, the Telia Campaign, episode 11, Gate Crashers, where the party fights a strangely clumsy and slow Gold Dragon.

This session was great, the combat was intense, the party used each one of their resources and Venadikt’s Veilheart item awakened. What does that mean? Well, there is D&D 3.5 supplement that I feel in love with, Weapons of Legacy, which is about ancient weapons and artefacts with abilities and powers tied to their history and only when characters research and fulfill certain requirements or perform some rituals do those abilities unlock. With that in mind, one of the earliest design decisions for the Aetherseed Campaign setting (yes, that is the official name now) and its world, Telia, was that magic items would grow and change with use and time. Old Artefacts would unlock new abilities when certain conditions were met, while new items would develop new powers at dramatically important moments as they become part of your legend, your fragment of history.

Not every item is capable of that growth, some are exactly what they seem but for those that can change, they usually begin in the Dormant state, then they move to Awakened and lastly they become Exalted. As of writing, but not viewing, two items have awakened, Venadikt’s Veilheart and Ando’s Tsumshak…or Tsumroshak, which it became upon awakening. Awakened items are more powerful and have their rarity increased by one step.

But despite this fun session we had a setback. Ormu and Alexander’s players have chosen not to continue the campaign, as they are not fond of playing the way we have, over video conference, preferring the in-person approach. This means I’m hunting for players again and while I’ve found a couple, one of them is more of a part-time players, which leaves me with the desire to get one or two more players to make the party a bit more competitive and versatile. The fun bit is that we lost a Bard and have gained a replacement Bard, which cracked me the hell up.

But, without further ado, please enjoye Episode 11 – Gate Crashers. I do apologise for the echo in the players’ voices. I forgot to mute my speaker, since the headphones don’t do that on their own, and my microphone picked up their voices and I don’t know how to remove the second voice track.

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