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So you want to know about Us? The weird people writing on this site? Well, here you go, just be warned…we’re kind of weird.

You sure you want to keep reading?

Well, OK, but don’t say WE DIDN’T WARN YOU!

Kevin - Founder and Lawful Geek

I’ve never been able to write about myself very well, I always end up rambling, but let’s give it a shot.

I’m a Geek and I’m proud of it. No matter the situation, no matter the environment or the people around me you will hear me discuss novels, games and films with anyone who will listen and offer some insight. You’ll hear me throw out reference hoping someone will pick them up, because if they do, it means I’ve found another member of the geek tribe in the crowd.

I’m all for new experiences and learning. I started The Mental Attic as a playground for fiction ideas but over time it grew to encompass all my interests: Star Wars, Anime, Tokusatsu, Cartoons, Epic Music and stories, Novels, my own fiction works, mythology and so much more. But it also became a place where I grew and learnt things about myself for good or ill. This little dusty Attic of mine led me to some of the happiest moments in my life and has gotten me through some of the roughest.

But some things never change. I still make a horrible first impression and before you like me, you might think I’m a right idiot and you’ll probably be right.

I love a good laugh and will often go to great lengths for a giggle, most of the time at your expense. But I’m also extremely lawful (as per the D&D alignment), and I will always follow the rules and at least attempt to do the right thing. It’s why I’m the LawfulGeek.

On this site you’ll read about the weird characters running around in my head, my adventures in the world and the things I’m most passionate about. If along the way I can help you grow and learn even a little bit, then I’m doing a proper job. If not, at least I hope to entertain you.

You can also find me on Twitch and YouTube three to four times a week broadcasting games. Come around if you like, you won’t find a cartoon of a person, but a real geek to have a nice chat with while something kills me in a game!

Now enough about me, let’s move on to my awesome contributors!

Timlah - The Cosplay Conundrum

I’m Timlah, an awesomely well-rounded geek and all around chilled out guy. I’m responsible for Kevin’s recent interest in professional wrestling and I could likely get you interested in it too… But that’s not what I’m really passionate about (although it is now up there!)

Video games are a subject close to my heart. From playing them to making bits for them, I love video games and can chat about everything within video games. My favourite kinds are probably RPGs, with Final Fantasy IX, Morrowind and Earthbound being firm favourites.

But that’s not all! Give me an anime, a manga, a comic, a book or just chat to me about fandom and geek culture in general and I’ll likely have you covered. Basically, I’m the sort of guy you wanna go down the pub with and talk about all that is geek… And weirdly enough, that’s why I made my website, GeekOut South-West. I also am a contributor for 1001Up and occasional contributor for The Bristol Post.

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  1. Dude your a total Geek! That’s awesome!
    I’m a manga and anime fan. Really wanted to get into Dungeons and Dragons but never found anybody to play it with me. 🙁
    Awesome Blog as well!

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