This is How we Role – Episode 10 – Holy Day

So, I know I’ve kinda been missing in action, with no new posts for most if not all of January. There’s a reason for it.

That reason is that I’m putting together a short story collection and I’m focusing solely on that, which leaves me very little time to broadcast on Twitch for anything other than the D&D campaign and even less to write articles for the site, despite having no shortage of things annoying me that I can write about.

Speaking of D&D, we had our first session of the new year, episode 10, Holy Day. It’s finally Dragonfall Festival and Almun is alive in celebration, with guests from all over the world.

In terms of planning, I focused the story this session on giving the characters a chance to unwind, to enjoy their time and have fun, drinks, good food and just spend a lovely time with the people they’ve met, perhaps dropping a few hints about some of the NPCs’ stories, such as Lieutenant Ashton. And this lighthearted environment meant that when I advanced some of their stories, it would catch them off-guard.

And if anything, I like that they had a chance to spend time with Massimo without purchases being involved. I think he, Bianca and the rescued but very traumatised Maewynn are gonna be important at some point, though it’s too early to tell for certain.

Also, the session ended with a bang, or a crash, and by the time you’re reading this, they’ll have solved that situation as well!

Enjoy episode 10 – Holy Day

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