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Tag: Puzzles

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Review: Unavowed

From the first moment I played one of Dave Gilbert’s games, I became a fan of Wadjet Eye Games and have enjoyed every title they’ve released. When the chance came […]

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Preview – Growbot

A few days ago, I received an email from Lisa Evans, the sole developer behind Growbot, a point & click adventure game, being responsible for all programming art and writing, […]

Kathy Rain
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Review: Kathy Rain

A journalist student with a sharp wit and a bad attitude goes home to her grandfather’s funeral, and on learning of the strange things that happened him a decade before, […]

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On Puzzle Design

(First of all, sorry for the somewhat long absence from the blogger-sphere, settling in a new country isn’t easy, and unsuccessful job hunting is very tiring…and depressing; but now I’m […]