Review: Mekazoo

Imagine there’s a world out there where everything is biomechanical, where life is a mix of technology and organic matter. You live in such a world as a carefree animal until an evil force brainwashes your friends. What do you do? Well, you set out on the adventure into the Mekazoo to free them!

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EGX 2016 – Mekazoo

Mekazoo is a game I first saw at Rezzed, and what I mean is I noticed the booth. Rezzed was crazy, with tons of games available and every day I discovered a new gem I had missed, but it was inevitable that I would not get to play all of them.

So when the chance came up to play Mekazoo during EGX I leapt at the chance and booked the appointment, just to make sure I would get to play it and talk to the developers, The Good Mood Creators.

What I found was a fantastic platformer with incredible depth and a high skill cap. Let’s break it down. Continue reading EGX 2016 – Mekazoo