Review: Forgotton Anne

For the past few weeks, when doing reviews, I’ve been doing two games in the same article—thanks to the new concise review format. But sometimes, you gotta give a game the attention it deserves, by making it the star of its own review, make it memorable. As it happens, this game is all about that, Forgotton Anne (and no, that’s not a typo!). Continue reading Review: Forgotton Anne

Review: Fear Effect: Sedna

It’s been years since their last outing, but Hana’s crew of adorable psychos is back to dealing with theft, espionage and world-ending supernatural threats, this time of an Inuit flavour. This is Fear Effect: Sedna.

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Review: Children of the Zodiarcs

A city built from the ashes of the old world, its nobles living in decadence while the poor starve and survive by joining gangs and killing those that oppose them. This is the setting for Children of the Zodiarcs.
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Rezzed 2017 – Games Highlights – The Booked Sessions

On Monday I spoke of my Rezzed 2017 experience and if there was one thing missing from that piece was perhaps to talk about some of the games I saw. But don’t worry, as I mentioned on Monday, today and Friday will be all about that.

Another thing I mentioned is that I booked very few interviews, three in total, so I could have the time to explore and find games for myself, those hidden gems of Rezzed.

That’s what today is all about, the best of the game I played during my booked sessions with the Square Enix Collective, Bandai-Namco and R8 Games. Continue reading Rezzed 2017 – Games Highlights – The Booked Sessions

Review: The Turing Test

The Europa ground team is lost, no communication from them in two weeks. To find them or at least figure out what happened, Ava Turing descends to the planet and the research installation. She finds devious puzzles barring her path, and it quickly becomes clear they are another form of The Turing Test.
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Review: Goetia

Imagine you died and then suddenly came back a disembodied spirit. Nothing is as you remember it and your family, or what’s left of it, seems to have vanished. Poor Abigail finds herself in this situation, exploring the haunted Blackwood Manor now possessed by Goetia demons.

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Rezzed 2016 – Best of Rezzed

This week I’ve gone over everything I saw at Rezzed. I mentioned meeting friends, talking to developers and above all, I spoke of the awesome games I played. It was a fun trio of days and I can’t wait to see the final versions of the titles I tried.

To think of the “Best of Rezzed” is a daunting task, because there as too much good stuff there. Last year during EGX I gave an award to AAA games and another to Indie games. This time around, there aren’t any AAA titles to mention, only indies and so I have a giant list of candidates and one slot to fill.

To make my life easier I’ve broken the “Best of…” into a few categories. From those, I’ll pick up my true best of Rezzed.

But before I do that, here are some opinions from good friends. Continue reading Rezzed 2016 – Best of Rezzed

Rezzed 2016 – Square Enix Collective

One of the more surprising announcements in my inbox was that the Square Enix Collective would showcase games at Rezzed. I looked the titles over and liked what I saw enough to try them at the event.

I wasn’t disappointed. Continue reading Rezzed 2016 – Square Enix Collective