Review: Morphite

A lone girl in a space station dreams of exploring. One day she gets the chance and finds something she’d only heard of in stories, the wondrous material known as Morphite.
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One Season Wonders – Terra Nova

Are there any series out there you saw and loved, wished they had a second season but they never got one? I have several and lately I’ve been binge watching them on Netflix or whatever service I can find them in—the latest being Constantine.

There is one on Netflix which I absolutely adored and it made me sad to see its run end with no continuation, particularly considering the cliffhanger ending for the first season and the many potential stories they had to tell.

That show is Terra Nova. Continue reading One Season Wonders – Terra Nova

Preview – Growbot

A few days ago, I received an email from Lisa Evans, the sole developer behind Growbot, a point & click adventure game, being responsible for all programming art and writing, with the music composed by Jessica Fichot.

Lisa’s background is in illustration for children’s books and even if she hadn’t told me, I would’ve guessed it from the wonderful character and scenery art. Not only is it beautifully detailed, telling as much of a story as the characters and journals do, but it has a paper-like quality, as if it had all been lifted from a lovely story book. Continue reading Preview – Growbot

Review: Tokyo 42

What do you do if you’re framed for murder in a world where no one can die? Well, you do the reasonable, you escape and kill your way to the truth. At least that’s how they do it in Tokyo 42.

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Review: Syndrome

You wake up aboard a ship drifting through space. Everything is dark and everyone is dead. You hear strange noises coming from the darkness and a voice guides you across the halls, your only hope for survival. No, it’s not System Shock, it’s Syndrome!
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Star Wars: Igniters – Time for a Revamp

I think if you check this site for five minutes, you’ll probably come across a couple dozen articles that at least mention Star Wars. It’s a big deal for me, one of my favourite franchises and one where I’ve lost hours on, both reading or in other ways consuming stories or making up my own, be it for RPGs or just simple daydream.  Continue reading Star Wars: Igniters – Time for a Revamp

EGX 2016 – Mekazoo

Mekazoo is a game I first saw at Rezzed, and what I mean is I noticed the booth. Rezzed was crazy, with tons of games available and every day I discovered a new gem I had missed, but it was inevitable that I would not get to play all of them.

So when the chance came up to play Mekazoo during EGX I leapt at the chance and booked the appointment, just to make sure I would get to play it and talk to the developers, The Good Mood Creators.

What I found was a fantastic platformer with incredible depth and a high skill cap. Let’s break it down. Continue reading EGX 2016 – Mekazoo

Review: Event[0]

An astronaut, adrift after his research station explodes finds safe haven aboard a ship no one has seen since the 80s. No, it’s not Event Horizon, it’s Event[0]!

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Oldies but Goodies: Farscape

It’s amazing how when you think of a good series, one you enjoyed from start to finish and watched every episode of, you also remember the good times you spent with the people you love, the tiny details of things said, seen and done while you were watching the episodes.

That’s what it’s like for me when I remember Farscape. I remember roping my dad into watching an episode. His interest waned while I stayed glued to the seat, my geeky mind in awe of what I was seeing. I remember fighting with him and the rest of the family over the remote to watch the show. We only had one TV hooked to the cable at the time, so Farscape-time was my time and I wasn’t going to let any of them take it from me. Continue reading Oldies but Goodies: Farscape

Genres of Fantasy – Science-Fantasy

Last time I spoke of the Fantasy genre I went on about the Trapped in a Game genre. It was on my mind as I watched the very good Overlord anime, about a player staying on the last day of his MMO’s lifespan, spending the time with the NPCs of his Guild House, then as the servers shut down, he finds himself inhabiting his character.

The series does many interesting things with the genre, particularly with having a nice guy main character that is evil at the same time. Well, not entirely evil but as his character is a Lich, he adopts the personality of an undead lord, cold and detached. It creates a nice contrast between the character’s inner monologue and how he behaves on the outside. Continue reading Genres of Fantasy – Science-Fantasy