This is How we Role – D&D 5e – Telia Episode 3

Third season (and technically 2nd video) of the new D&D campaign. We pick up where we left off, with the party hot on the trail of a missing archaeologist, but their trip is about to get more complicated when things from Alexander’s past come to visit and a strange new creature stalks them on their trail.

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This is How we Role – D&D Telia – Episode 2


After about a year and change of planning and plotting and scheming and writing down a bunch of lore for the world, my little campaign setting, Telia—pronounced Teh-Lee-Ah—is finally alive. We started the campaign nearly a month ago and it was my wish to bring you the first episode right after we recorded it, but unfortunately, due to some technical mishaps, the footage was unusable. Fortunately, we worked out the issues for the next session, so here’s the second episode of This is How we Role – Telia! Continue reading This is How we Role – D&D Telia – Episode 2

Extra Life 2017 – RPG Time

In 2015 I participated in Extra Life as part of the Team Tomb Raider Community. I played for about four days in a row, more than 12 hours a day trying to raise $500 for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Sadly, I couldn’t quite meet the goal but I had fun streaming, playing old games in one sitting and working as part of that great team.

In 2016, between moving from Ireland to England and settling in and everything that comes with it, I couldn’t take part in Extra Life, but this year I’m definitely doing it. On Saturday November 4th I’ll be once again doing my best to raise money for charity. But unlike 2015, the plan this time around is a little bit different. Continue reading Extra Life 2017 – RPG Time

Dungeon Master – The Joy of Storytelling

Rainer Maria Rilke, in Letters to a Young Poet, says “If, when you wake up in the morning, you can think of nothing but writing…then you’re a writer.” I consider myself a writer and it’s one of the greatest passions of my life, but under that statement, I’m not one.

When I wake up, the thing I want to do the most is to tell stories and create them, to lose myself in my mind’s eye as I explore strange new lands and create the tales of normal people and heroes alike.

So, more than a writer, I’m a storyteller, and Tabletop RPGs have always been a way for me to thoroughly enjoy the art of storytelling. And as much as I love donning the armour of the warrior, defiantly raise the staff of the wizard and fiercely grip the holy symbol of the cleric, and joining my fellow adventurers as we defeat bandits, or demigods in the streets of New York, there is something I love even more than playing and it’s, of course, being the game master, the person running the story and telling the plot, adjudicating results and placing the challenges. Continue reading Dungeon Master – The Joy of Storytelling

Running in the Shadows – TMA RPG Update

A Few weeks ago I launched a little recruitment drive for an RPG group, and while no one contacted me directly through The Mental Attic, I did manage to get a group together.

With the players assembled, the plan was simple: first, we’d play a demo game of Era: The Consortium, a game I mentioned during my MCM London Comic Con coverage. After that, we’d move to a main campaign with me as the storyteller. Continue reading Running in the Shadows – TMA RPG Update

Godly Affairs – Part II – Hero

So, yesterday I gave you the basic concepts to understand for Scion. So today we’re going straight into the plot of the campaign.

If at any point you don’t understand something, refer to yesterday’s primer, in all likelihood I explained everything in detail there. If not, let me know in the comments and I’ll explain again.

Yesterday I mentioned Scion has three levels of play: Hero, Demigod and God, and this campaign had one story arc for each level. Today I’m focusing on the first of the stories, the Hero story. I had intended on making this one post for all three, but in writing I realised this are some really long stories, so better give each of them their own space. Continue reading Godly Affairs – Part II – Hero

Looking for Group – Recruitment Drive

Hello everybody. I’ve mentioned in the past how much I enjoy playing Pen & Paper RPGS. I love D&D and almost every other system I’ve had the fortune of playing. My recent purchase and review of the Anima video game came from my love of the RPG setting and only last week I wrote a bit of an ode to one of my favourite D&D podcasts/shows, Acquisitions Incorporated.

As The Mental Attic grows and I tap new contacts and opportunities, I get in touch with many RPG developers and publishers and they often send me their products for reviewing purposes and while I at least attempt to get some games together to try things out, I’m rarely successful. Continue reading Looking for Group – Recruitment Drive

Things I love – Acquisitions Incorporated

I love D&D, very much. I love tabletop RPGs in general—and I’m desperate to get some games going, but that’s another topic—but Dungeons & Dragons is the first one I played and so it has a special place in that shriveled lump I call a heart.

Most people like to play games or be the storyteller but very few people enjoy listening or watching others play. I’m in that group, as I see the games of others as books written in front of me. And it’s not just the games of friends but even complete strangers. Much like TV, films or games, I’ll watch any game where I find the setting and characters interesting and as a general rule, RPG Storytellers (call them DM, GM or whatever you like) come up with some of the craziest stuff out there and it’s always entertaining. Continue reading Things I love – Acquisitions Incorporated

RPG Greatest Hits – Issue 10

Here we go, greatest hits: good, bad, funny and everything in between. These are our stories, the ones we tell around the table to our old and new RPG friends and even to those that don’t play. These are our legends, our moments of epic triumph and failure; these are the funny moments that stopped a game short because no one could stop laughing or were too teary-eyed to continue.

As always, if you want to see your stories in a future Issue, just Contact Us and we’ll make it happen! Continue reading RPG Greatest Hits – Issue 10

RPG Greatest Hits – Issue 9

Well, the first thing you might be seeing is I’ve changed the name of the feature. Deciding on expanding it to include a greater variety of stories, Triumphs and Fails seemed rather restrictive so here we go, greatest hits: good, bad, funny and everything in between. Continue reading RPG Greatest Hits – Issue 9