Godly Affairs – Part V – Memories

I’ll say it again, I didn’t expect to get so much out of my Scion campaign, not a week’s worth of content. But it’s time to end it with this last little piece. This one isn’t about plot, as I’ve already covered the Hero, Demigod and God story arcs, but a series of anecdotes and funny moments that happened during the game.

As with every article before this one, please refer to the Scion Primer I posted on Monday in you have any doubts, though you can drop me a line in the comments and I’ll clear anything up of course!

I hope you’ll forgive the overwhelming lack of images on this post, couldn’t find any that were good enough to go with the stories. But you know what? I think I’ll get them done, immortalise the stories with some art by my favourite artist. Continue reading Godly Affairs – Part V – Memories

Godly Affairs – Part IV – God

We’re getting to the end of this Scion week, and I’m honestly surprised I’ve managed to talk so much about this campaign. This was supposed to be a two or three-piece thing, not five as it is right now. But considering a 2000 word article is already a stretch for most people, the full plot-compendium of 8000 words would’ve been too much for anyone.

To recap, on Monday I dropped a Primer with some basic Scion concepts and mechanics to make my retelling make some sense, then on Tuesday I spoke about the Hero story—as in the Hero level of play, not the wonky-quality TV series Heroes or the really strange Jet Li film Hero—and yesterday was all about the Demigod arc.

So of course, today I end this telling of the campaign with the God campaign.

Because of some real-life commitments, the Rich Kid’s player couldn’t be part of the campaign but for the first sessions, making his participation negligible at best. Continue reading Godly Affairs – Part IV – God

Godly Affairs – Part II – Hero

So, yesterday I gave you the basic concepts to understand for Scion. So today we’re going straight into the plot of the campaign.

If at any point you don’t understand something, refer to yesterday’s primer, in all likelihood I explained everything in detail there. If not, let me know in the comments and I’ll explain again.

Yesterday I mentioned Scion has three levels of play: Hero, Demigod and God, and this campaign had one story arc for each level. Today I’m focusing on the first of the stories, the Hero story. I had intended on making this one post for all three, but in writing I realised this are some really long stories, so better give each of them their own space. Continue reading Godly Affairs – Part II – Hero

009 RE: CYBORG Review

Cyborg 009 is a manga by Shotaro Ishinomori, creator of other works such as Skull Man and the various Tokusatsu superhero shows in Japanese television, such as Kamen Rider and Super Sentai (aka Power Rangers).

Cyborg 009 tells the story of a group of people abducted and transformed into Cyborgs by the international arms-dealing organization Black Ghost to sell as weapons. The cyborgs escape and take the fight to their creators and try to save the world from them.

The manga has been adapted numerous times, as TV series and films, the latest of which I just saw yesterday. 009 RE: Cyborg, which I thought was going to be a revival but turned out to be jumbled mess of a farewell. Continue reading 009 RE: CYBORG Review