Godly Affairs – Part IV – God

We’re getting to the end of this Scion week, and I’m honestly surprised I’ve managed to talk so much about this campaign. This was supposed to be a two or three-piece thing, not five as it is right now. But considering a 2000 word article is already a stretch for most people, the full plot-compendium of 8000 words would’ve been too much for anyone.

To recap, on Monday I dropped a Primer with some basic Scion concepts and mechanics to make my retelling make some sense, then on Tuesday I spoke about the Hero story—as in the Hero level of play, not the wonky-quality TV series Heroes or the really strange Jet Li film Hero—and yesterday was all about the Demigod arc.

So of course, today I end this telling of the campaign with the God campaign.

Because of some real-life commitments, the Rich Kid’s player couldn’t be part of the campaign but for the first sessions, making his participation negligible at best. Continue reading Godly Affairs – Part IV – God

Preview: The Banner Saga 2

I didn’t play The Banner Saga when it first released but when I did I loved the world. At first I thought it a generic Scandinavian world but while it does have Norse Myth elements, it brought enough to the table to make it a unique fantasy world, one on the verge of collapse, near the end of its run, where the sun doesn’t set anymore, the land is breaking and ancient and deadly creatures emerge from the depths.

I loved the world but I struggled with the strategy elements. It took me a while to understand the balance between breaking enemy armour and going for hit point damage. Also had issues spending Renown for everything. By the time I knew what I was doing I was in a bad situation and things got worse the more I went on. I could never finish the game on my first playthrough to be honest.

That’s why, before I previewed The Banner Saga 2, I went back and cleared the first one as fast as possible. Continue reading Preview: The Banner Saga 2