Godly Affairs – Part V – Memories

I’ll say it again, I didn’t expect to get so much out of my Scion campaign, not a week’s worth of content. But it’s time to end it with this last little piece. This one isn’t about plot, as I’ve already covered the Hero, Demigod and God story arcs, but a series of anecdotes and funny moments that happened during the game.

As with every article before this one, please refer to the Scion Primer I posted on Monday in you have any doubts, though you can drop me a line in the comments and I’ll clear anything up of course!

I hope you’ll forgive the overwhelming lack of images on this post, couldn’t find any that were good enough to go with the stories. But you know what? I think I’ll get them done, immortalise the stories with some art by my favourite artist. Continue reading Godly Affairs – Part V – Memories

Raids, Wipes and Giggles – World of Warcraft Memories

Next week, World of Warcraft: Legion launches. I am extremely excited. I want to dive back into WoW, to explore new lands, complete quests, level up and explore the many storylines I’m sure I’ll find on the Broken Isles. I want my Artifact weapon and I’m keen on relearning how to play my Balance druid—because they change the mechanics every expansion, so ever Boomkin has to relearn the class every single freaking expansion!

As we launch date approaches, I find myself thinking back to the best and worst of times in WoW. Yesterday I wrote about my favourite RPG systems and today I’ll do another soppy post on good memories and good times with a game by telling about these wonderful Warcraft moments.

By the way, the screenshots may or may not have anything to do with the stories. But they’re all full of nice memories! Continue reading Raids, Wipes and Giggles – World of Warcraft Memories

The Triforce and Heart Pieces – My History with The Legend of Zelda

It’s no secret that I love The Legend of Zelda Series with a passion. It’s perhaps my favourite game series of them all. With every release, the chance to explore the reimagined and rebuilt Hyrule and its many parallel worlds fills me with child-like glee. I feel like a kid again every time I play a new Zelda title, and even if I find it too easy, I still thoroughly enjoy the experience.

But my love of Zelda isn’t just because of the world, or the characters, the gameplay and the familiar elements we’ve come to expect from the series. My relationship with The Legend of Zelda and Nintendo has a long history and deeper meaning to me. Continue reading The Triforce and Heart Pieces – My History with The Legend of Zelda

Review: Homesick

A derelict building is something best left alone. We leave them where they are, without ever even wondering at what might be inside. In Homesick, we take a step into one such building and see and feel the personal stories of its previous tenants, perhaps finding more than just scattered memories. Continue reading Review: Homesick