This is How we Role – D&D Telia – Episode 2


After about a year and change of planning and plotting and scheming and writing down a bunch of lore for the world, my little campaign setting, Telia—pronounced Teh-Lee-Ah—is finally alive. We started the campaign nearly a month ago and it was my wish to bring you the first episode right after we recorded it, but unfortunately, due to some technical mishaps, the footage was unusable. Fortunately, we worked out the issues for the next session, so here’s the second episode of This is How we Role – Telia! Continue reading This is How we Role – D&D Telia – Episode 2

StarCraft II – Finally Caught Up!

I played StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty when it first launched but after that, and for the longest time, I couldn’t get my hands on the other campaigns, Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the void, the Zerg and Protoss campaigns respectively. But then a big digital sale came around near the end of last year!

But even so, the games languished in my backlog until just very recently when I decided to binge on them, to complete the campaigns and see the rest of the story, following Kerrigan and Zeratul. Continue reading StarCraft II – Finally Caught Up!

Review: Golem Gates

The world is a ruined place, darkness blankets every surface. But even in this darkness hope awakens, it’s the Arbiter. Guided by a mysterious entity, he’s on a quest to recover his identity and free the land, and to do so he must destroy their Golem Gates
Continue reading Review: Golem Gates

Dungeons & Dragons Christmas Binge

When Christmas Eve and Day come, no matter where we are and who we are with, alone, with bad company or annoyed at having to spend time with relatives we only see once a year, there will be copious amounts of food and then that period where you’re so full your body will almost shut down, depositing you on the nearest sofa or bed and making it impossible for you to move. Your brain will follow suit and leave you in a state where intellectual pursuits are nigh impossible. Board games will be too complicated for you. You will only be capable of watching stuff. Why do you think there are so many boring Christmas movies and shows? Because they know they can peddle them to you when you’re in this state.  Continue reading Dungeons & Dragons Christmas Binge

Dungeon Mastering – Telia Races – The Thelomir

We’re inching ever closer to launching the Telia campaign, and soon you’ll be able to join the players as they wade through the heinous circumstances I put them through. But for now, and following from previous weeks, let’s take another look at the world of Telia.

Last week we spoke of a new race available to players, the Soulforged, and this week is no different. So without further ado, here are the Thelomir. Continue reading Dungeon Mastering – Telia Races – The Thelomir

Dungeon Mastering – Telia Races – The Soulforged

Last week I gave you a small glimpse into Telia, my D&D campaign setting. I spoke of the region of Almun, home to the City of Magic and many magical anomalies. I won’t lie, it’s one of my favourite places in the world, with the Mystelune Kingdom being close behind, but the Castinians are a story for another time.

Every setting has its version of classic races, with variations in mechanics and lore and its fair share of new races. So, I thought it would be good to write about one of the races that make up Telia. This one will be familiar to D&D players, but we’ve given it the old Telian spin. Continue reading Dungeon Mastering – Telia Races – The Soulforged

Dungeon Mastering – Telia Worldbuilding – Almun (first look)

For the Extra Life D&D game, I took my players to a Necropolis called Headmaster’s Rest, home to the remains of many a dead wizard, cleric and other practitioners of magic. During the adventure, the Necropolis came under attack by the forces of the Firstborn, a group of near-immortal elves with delusions of godhood, a cult to back them, and plans to purge the entire planet of anything that isn’t elven (and subservient to them of course), and their Onyx Knights, Paladins devoted to their grim masters. Onyx Knights are infamous on Telia for conducting raids across the world, kidnapping innocents from every race so their masters can study and vivisect them.

They’re not nice people. Continue reading Dungeon Mastering – Telia Worldbuilding – Almun (first look)

Campaign Preparations – Player Homes

As I continue my preparations for an upcoming D&D campaign, set in my original world, Telia, I’ve come across an interesting challenge. In other settings, where a guide or sourcebook properly defines every culture and piece of the map, players can easily figure out their character’s place in the world, but when the world itself isn’t ready yet, how do you help the players figure out their origin? Continue reading Campaign Preparations – Player Homes

Campaign Preparations – World Building

A long time ago (in a galaxy far far away), I began my series of articles on writing a novel, detailing the steps to follow to write your story, how to prepare and break down your tasks in a way that works…for me. And last week I mentioned I was preparing a D&D campaign on my original world, Telia, which I’m building along with some of my players, as they’re incredibly creative people.

One of the things I spent time explaining in that little writing series was the planning stage, and particularly on the world building. In building this D&D world I’ve come to realise the major difference between doing so for a novel and for an RPG campaign. Continue reading Campaign Preparations – World Building

Super Hero RPG – Mantles

I’ve been going on about super heroes for a little while now, but it’s been comics and TV series, so how about we talk Super Hero RPG? Continue reading Super Hero RPG – Mantles