This is How We Role – Episode 7 – Selective Honesty

Time for another episode of the D&D campaign set in my wonderful little world of Telia–campaign guide coming in the future on DMs Guild. It’s episode 7, Selective Honesty, a name I picked because I had a good idea of where the episode was going and was pleasantly surprised to find I had nailed it. By the way, the name is a play on Selective Memory. Continue reading This is How We Role – Episode 7 – Selective Honesty

This is How We Role – Episode 6 – The Titanroot of all Evil

It’s time for another episode of the ongoing D&D Campaign on our little show This is How we Role, set in my original campaign setting of Telia. This time it’s a rescue mission inside the forest of gargantuan trees in the Almun region, Titanroot Woods, dealing with the threat posed by a Coven of Hags, not just on the city of Woodwork but on the denizens of this forest.

Starting with this episode, I’ll use this post to give some behind the scenes look at the adventure design and planning.

Continue reading This is How We Role – Episode 6 – The Titanroot of all Evil

This is How We Role – Episode 5 – Out of the Woodwork

Here we are, brand new episode and finally just hours after we played the game! And it has nothing to do with me not having anything else written. Continue reading This is How We Role – Episode 5 – Out of the Woodwork

This is How We Role – Episode 4 – Singing in the Brain

And so we’re back with another session of the Telia campaign, this time with the party delving into the mysterious Vault in the Almun region, after having opened it at the end of the last episode. Will they succeed in overcoming the Inheritor challenges? We’ll see! Continue reading This is How We Role – Episode 4 – Singing in the Brain

This is How we Role – D&D Telia – Episode 2


After about a year and change of planning and plotting and scheming and writing down a bunch of lore for the world, my little campaign setting, Telia—pronounced Teh-Lee-Ah—is finally alive. We started the campaign nearly a month ago and it was my wish to bring you the first episode right after we recorded it, but unfortunately, due to some technical mishaps, the footage was unusable. Fortunately, we worked out the issues for the next session, so here’s the second episode of This is How we Role – Telia! Continue reading This is How we Role – D&D Telia – Episode 2

Preview – Lamplight City

The last Grundislav Games titles I played were Shardlight and A Golden Wake and I absolutely loved them. Now I’ve received a nifty preview key for their upcoming title, Lamplight City, and you bet I had to take a look. And to make it more interesting, I’ve done my preview in video form! Continue reading Preview – Lamplight City

VAMPYR – Prologue Commentary

Vampyr released yesterday, a new game by DONTNOD, a developer that continues to impress me with their ability to tackle different genres and play styles. To say Vampyr has been on people’s radar is one hell of an understatement, it certainly was on mine. So, is it good, or does it at least have a compelling opening? Time to find out! Continue reading VAMPYR – Prologue Commentary

Final Fantasy IV – The Road so far…

Final Fantasy IV has been on a bit of a hiatus the past couple of weeks and I’m sorry. There’s nothing I enjoy more than playing this classic Final Fantasy—albeit the remade version—and make fun of it with some very silly commentary, some nice edits and a few choice cuts of the footage to keep you entertained and as far away as possible from any grinding, which I’ve had to do twice so far, mostly because this game insists on giving you characters at astonishingly low levels compared to the party average. Continue reading Final Fantasy IV – The Road so far…

Final Fantasy XV – First Impressions

My Tuesday began very early, as I had trouble sleeping and woke up at around 5am. Having deleted my old Playstation Network account because I moved countries and you can’t change it in your existing account, I decided to create a new one, pay for Playstation Plus and all that jazz, but I also remembered that Final Fantasy XV, the latest in Square Enix’s long-running series released that very day, so I also bought it, downloaded it and left it all ready to go for the moment I was done with work for the day. Continue reading Final Fantasy XV – First Impressions

Gunpla – Gundam Models – The Second Build

A couple of weeks ago I spoke of the first Gundam model, aka Gunpla, I built, the Freedom Gundam. At the time I mentioned I would be building a second Freedom, but one from a much more recent version of the kit, with a better-designed skeleton and parts for better articulation and posing.

Well, that build is happening tonight. From 7pm GMT onwards, on the Lawful Geek Twitch channel, I’ll be building this second version of the Freedom Gundam from Gundam Seed.

Freedom Gundam Master Grade v2
This is the box, it looks amazing!

Much like the previous one, this Gunpla build will be a Master Grade kit, with tons of parts to cut and piece together but also a lot more freedom when it comes to putting the finished product into a cool pose.

I won’t lie to you, I’ve already gone ahead and given the instruction manual a nice read-through, finding it very familiar to the first Freedom Gundam model I built weeks ago. This one just has a few more pieces and plenty more decals.

Hobby knife and cutting mat
The tools of the trade!

I’ve also already built the base for it, included with the rest of the pieces. I just couldn’t resist doing so. In fact, it’s getting much harder to resist the urge to just sit down and build this new Freedom Gundam in one go, but with work and life responsibilities, it would be bad for me to spend a work day evening on just this, which is why I’ve managed to hold on until today, Friday, as I can take as long as I need to finish the model, or at least work and stream until I fall unconscious–which would be bad considering I’ll be handling some very sharp objects!

So, if you’re interested in Gundam or Gunpla, or just model kits in general, then come check it out at 7pm GMT (that’s 2pm EST) on my Twitch channel, LawfulGeek.