Extra Life 2017 – RPG Time

In 2015 I participated in Extra Life as part of the Team Tomb Raider Community. I played for about four days in a row, more than 12 hours a day trying to raise $500 for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Sadly, I couldn’t quite meet the goal but I had fun streaming, playing old games in one sitting and working as part of that great team.

In 2016, between moving from Ireland to England and settling in and everything that comes with it, I couldn’t take part in Extra Life, but this year I’m definitely doing it. On Saturday November 4th I’ll be once again doing my best to raise money for charity. But unlike 2015, the plan this time around is a little bit different. Continue reading Extra Life 2017 – RPG Time

Extra Life 2016

Around this time last year, I was getting ready for Extra Life, putting together a list of games to play, prizes to give away, conditions for raffle entries and of course, the all-important donation goal. I worked tirelessly on this, getting in touch with game developers for keys, Blue Microphones for a Blue Yeti as grand prize and coordinating with the rest of the Tomb Raider Community Team. Continue reading Extra Life 2016

Extra Life 2015 – The Legend Continues!

Extra Life is an amazing event bringing together millions of gamers around the world to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, to help them continue their amazing work with children, by doing the things they love the most: playing awesome games. Every year, Extra Life raises millions of dollars from audience contributions to the different streamers that participate.

This year I joined their ranks as part of the amazing Team Tomb Raider Community. Along with the rest of the crew and led by our captain, the lovely Stella, we got our game-on this weekend and played as much as we could. We spoke, laughed and all but begged our audiences to donate to our individual participations while we hopefully entertained them with our virtual exploits. Continue reading Extra Life 2015 – The Legend Continues!

Counting down to Extra Life 2015

Only a few more days till we kick off the big event!

I first want to thank all the people who’ve donated so far, thanks to you we’re $106/500 for my participation and $1000 for Team Tomb Raider‘s efforts overall. That is amazing! And there’s still time for more. We hope to reach over $3000 between all participants, but if we can hit my $500 goal, I’ll be more than happy!

I have some news, some changes to the original plan. Continue reading Counting down to Extra Life 2015

Extra Life 2015 Update – More Goodies!

Like every other member of the Extra Life Team Tomb Raider Community, I’ve been hard at work preparing everything I’ll need for the event, all four days of my participation. Some still find it strange that I would do it for so long, but I’m a realist and I know I’ll need at least 4 days to get even close to the $500. I hope what you’ll read below will incentivise you to donate some more. Continue reading Extra Life 2015 Update – More Goodies!