This is How we Role – D&D Telia – Episode 2


After about a year and change of planning and plotting and scheming and writing down a bunch of lore for the world, my little campaign setting, Telia—pronounced Teh-Lee-Ah—is finally alive. We started the campaign nearly a month ago and it was my wish to bring you the first episode right after we recorded it, but unfortunately, due to some technical mishaps, the footage was unusable. Fortunately, we worked out the issues for the next session, so here’s the second episode of This is How we Role – Telia!

The party we follow in this campaign consists of:

  • Alexander Thorncrest, Human Bard
  • Ormuleivos Sirensong, Sea Elf Ranger
  • Ando Hayate, Human-ish Fighter
  • Venadikt Gloryhammer, Dwarven Cleric of Astreina, Goddess of Wisdom and Protection

During episode 1 the players travelled to the city of Almun, known to many as the City of Magic, a vast academic metropolis filled with educational institutions, research facilities and more for every branch imaginable of magic.

The party had never met before but had a contact in common, Lieutenant Everett Ashton, head inspector of the Almun Zephyr, the security force for the city. Ormu had worked with him only days earlier, and the rest were instructed to meet with him.

Ashton, knowing they each needed something from the city, be it a new home, asylum or simply knowledge and education, proposed they work for him but first asked them to prove themselves, not so much to him but to the city itself. He explained that meritocracy was the rule in Almun and if they wanted anything from the city, especially access to its resources, they would have to earn it with community service. He then presented them with a set of iron bangles, apparently tied to this community service system, and pointed them to the Slinging Singer, a local pub owned by a man called Pallard. He would help them get some jobs to earn points with the city, literally so.

After explaining, Pallard said there was a task on the notice board and two of his clients were there with tasks of their own. These quests were:

  1. To help an archaeologist gather information on the local Vault, one of several such structures around the world, most of them locked and all ancient beyond comprehension.
  2. Gather samples from the mile-high trees of Titanroot Woods.
  3. Travel to the village of Fernbough, in the vicinity of Nymphreach Forest, under attack by vicious beasts and maddened Fey and help resolve the situation.

The party chose the third task, wishing to help those in need and travelled south towards the village with a merchant caravan, but on the way saw a man being attacked by a pack of wolves. Stopping to help him, they defeated the beasts but before they could recover a monstrous roar broke the silence. To their horror a strange and invisible force began to tear through the caravan, ripping and devouring everything in its path.

And that’s where we pick up in Episode 2 – Fey ‘n’ Alive!

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