Extra Life 2017 – Prizes and Games

Hello everybody and welcome to October, one month and a day to Extra Life 2017 and a day of pure tabletop role-playing gaming goodness.

As I mentioned before, unlike my last participation and that of most people, I will not be taking part of the event broadcasting a series of videogames from dusk till dawn to collect your hard earned money for the amazing cause that is the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, specifically the McMaster Children’s Hospital, but instead I and some talented friends from around will join together to play tabletop role-playing games for you, putting our players through the paces in epic adventures for your entertainment. Continue reading Extra Life 2017 – Prizes and Games

Videos, Broadcasts and Lawfulness – Back to your Regularly Scheduled Programming

This has been a very long YouTube and Twitch hiatus. I’ve managed to push a few things into YouTube in the past few weeks, but nothing serial or even remotely consistent.

As I mentioned in the past, I have technical difficulties from my Asus ROG Laptop finally reaching its graphical and processing limit, making it not only very hard to play current games but also to record any videos. Even titles that normally run quite well, if on medium settings, will become incredibly sluggish should I dare to open XSplit or some other recording/broadcasting software.

But that’s about to change as I’m getting an Alienware today. It’s massive, it’s powerful and I’ll probably will have to feed it the souls of the corrupt and vile to power it. It’s most certainly going to send my electricity bill to the stratospheric levels, but who cares? It’s well worth it! Continue reading Videos, Broadcasts and Lawfulness – Back to your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Running in the Shadows – TMA RPG Update

A Few weeks ago I launched a little recruitment drive for an RPG group, and while no one contacted me directly through The Mental Attic, I did manage to get a group together.

With the players assembled, the plan was simple: first, we’d play a demo game of Era: The Consortium, a game I mentioned during my MCM London Comic Con coverage. After that, we’d move to a main campaign with me as the storyteller. Continue reading Running in the Shadows – TMA RPG Update

Dice and Settings – My Favourite RPG Systems

Yesterday I mentioned I’m on a recruitment drive for RPG games. Since writing the article, I haven’t stopped thinking about the many games I’ve played, the characters I’ve created and the great times I’ve had with my friends.

So today, I’d like to talk to you about some of my favourite RPG systems/games. Continue reading Dice and Settings – My Favourite RPG Systems

Genres of Fantasy – Science-Fantasy

Last time I spoke of the Fantasy genre I went on about the Trapped in a Game genre. It was on my mind as I watched the very good Overlord anime, about a player staying on the last day of his MMO’s lifespan, spending the time with the NPCs of his Guild House, then as the servers shut down, he finds himself inhabiting his character.

The series does many interesting things with the genre, particularly with having a nice guy main character that is evil at the same time. Well, not entirely evil but as his character is a Lich, he adopts the personality of an undead lord, cold and detached. It creates a nice contrast between the character’s inner monologue and how he behaves on the outside. Continue reading Genres of Fantasy – Science-Fantasy

Review: Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Harebrained Schemes have taken us to Seattle and Berlin, now they’re taking us Far East to do some dirty jobs and get some nuyen. It’s time to run the shadows in Shadowrun: Hong Kong.
Continue reading Review: Shadowrun: Hong Kong