Behind The Scenes: Running A Website and Meetup

Ever considered a job in content creation? Dream of being the next big gaming news website? If so, look away, as this article is a no holds barred discussion on running a website that gets thousands of visitors. This isn’t going to be pretty, as I share the ups and downs of running a website on WordPress, the most popular blogging platform. Boy, did I ever make a lot of mistakes?
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Geeks in Bristol – My First GeekOut South-West Meetup!

I know, you’re expecting a follow up to the Tokusatsu post from yesterday, but that’s coming tomorrow. It would be remiss of me if I didn’t talk today about my amazing weekend, where I visited a new city for the first time and attended my first ever GeekOut South-West meetup, something I’ve been wanting to do for years now, but distance and resources had always been in the way. But now that I’m living in England, nothing could stop me from going. Continue reading Geeks in Bristol – My First GeekOut South-West Meetup!

Overwatch Community – We need to talk…

I’ve been playing Overwatch since the Beta, and the moment the game released I picked it up and haven’t put it down. I enjoy the game a lot, but the community around it is turning into any other shooter’s community: toxic. But the design and concept of Overwatch breeds a different kind of abuse, not just the usual name calling and shaming—though that is still as rampant in this game as it is in any other online multiplayer title.

So, because I like this game a lot and want things to improve, let’s have a chat. Over the past week I’ve noticed certain trends when it comes to the Overwatch community’s responses to certain subjects, particularly to any opinion that doesn’t blindly praise the game. But let’s go over the points. You can consider this an open letter to the community.
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EGX 2015 – First Timer’s Perspective

This was my first ever EGX, following up from my first ever Rezzed. Over the past few days I’ve given you some short recaps of how it all went down: who did I meet, what games I tried and what kind of stuff blew me away. But I haven’t gone into what I thought about the event itself. Let’s get to that. Continue reading EGX 2015 – First Timer’s Perspective

The Blogging Perspective

Without having a reason to blog, many of us will simply sit around, always thinking that we can do better than those who write for a living. Well, if this isn’t motivation enough to begin blogging, then it’s time for you to consider all the other reasons why you should start up your own blog. The only way to drive this message home is by explaining my own reasons for beginning my ventures into the realm of writing. Continue reading The Blogging Perspective

The Nightcast

As you probably know by now, I’m doing Extra Life in a few months from now. To do that properly I need an audience that’ll come see me play and hopefully donate for this worthy cause. A few weeks ago, I started broadcasting games every night, and I’m still doing it. On one hand, it’s for the Extra Life cause but on the other, broadcasting and live streaming of games is something I love to do. Continue reading The Nightcast

The nature of a Classic

This week I’ve been pondering the question: What makes a game “a classic”? Classics are, by definition, those that best represent their genre, style, etc. But how is it that of two games one is a classic and the other isn’t? When both do the same things? You could say the one that releases first is the classic, but that’s not always the case. One common trait I’ve noticed in “classics” is they’re all rage-throw-controller-ulcer-producing. Don’t believe me? I’ll give you three games, all considered classics and all are so frustratingly hard or annoying or confusing they make you want to torch the maker’s home:

Politics – Back in the day…

I will say this only once. I HATE POLITICS.

It didn’t used to be like that. Once upon a time, politics, politicians, governments and such didn’t even cross my mind, the only time it did was when there was an election coming.

Now, politics are part of our everyday lives, and we listen to politicians argue and bicker at least once a day, over topics that range from the uninteresting to the absurd. Sure, it’s not unique to my country, but it is annoying.

I wish things were back to those days, where politics were a thing you thought off every four to five years. Continue reading Politics – Back in the day…