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As you probably know by now, I’m doing Extra Life in a few months from now. To do that properly I need an audience that’ll come see me play and hopefully donate for this worthy cause. A few weeks ago, I started broadcasting games every night, and I’m still doing it. On one hand, it’s for the Extra Life cause but on the other, broadcasting and live streaming of games is something I love to do.

The Nightcast, as I like to call it—because I’m an imaginative sort and realised Nightcast sounded better than Nightly Broadcast—is on Mondays to Friday from 8pm BST (or GMT or hell, UK time) to 11. On Fridays, I tend to run for a couple of hours longer.

What will you see me play? I have very eclectic tastes so you’re likely to see me play a variety of genres. RPGs, FPSs, Adventures and everything in between you’ll find on the Nightcast.

I enjoy broadcasting, especially because I’ve found that just putting the games out there isn’t enough, it’s not the best part about it. It’s the community, the long conversations with the viewers. It’s a ton of fun to meet people and talk to them about games and other stuff.

So if you’re not doing anything, why not drop by one night and come have a chat? If you like what you see and the conversation, maybe hit that beautiful purple follow button and come back again. The games are fun and I love to play them, but what I like the most now, when I’m broadcasting, is to talk to you all.

And that’s without even taking the music into consideration. Since switching to a new moderator bot, now we have live music requests. Anyone can join and set the tunes but beware, because when Timlah shows up, he’ll turn things up and no one can compete with his mad DJ skills! He’ll have you nodding your head to the beat and laughing your ass off to the lyrics!

Every day I’ll announce what I’m playing over twitter so you know what you’re getting! Fridays are chill nights, where I’ll play something a bit more relaxing like an adventure game or something similar. On those days, I’d love it even more if you came and had a chat!

There is still a lot of work to do with the channel, of course. I’m talking to a few artists to get some nice overlays, and splash images and other fun stuff to make it more visually pleasing! I’m also defining set programming for more than just Fridays, so if there’s something you like you know when and where it’ll be. As I said, it’s you, the audience, that makes it all worthwhile, so I want to do my best to always give you what you’re looking for. There’s even a chance I’ll be creating a new channel, something more closely linked to the Mental brand I’ve established here with The Mental Attic, but that is a plan in motion.

The Nightcast is available here on my Twitch Channel! Also, make sure you check out the YouTube one, where most of the highlights end up!

Hope to see you on the next broadcast, Monday to Friday from 8pm BST!

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