Kitacon – Glorious Geek Talent

I spent the weekend in Coventry, attending my first Kitacon at Warwick University. I had a blast. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.

I met good friends, had a first time face-to-face and beard-to-beard meeting with a really cool guy and you know what, the universe didn’t explode in the face of such epic an occasion, though the pouring rain had us worried. Continue reading Kitacon – Glorious Geek Talent

Geeks in Bristol – My First GeekOut South-West Meetup!

I know, you’re expecting a follow up to the Tokusatsu post from yesterday, but that’s coming tomorrow. It would be remiss of me if I didn’t talk today about my amazing weekend, where I visited a new city for the first time and attended my first ever GeekOut South-West meetup, something I’ve been wanting to do for years now, but distance and resources had always been in the way. But now that I’m living in England, nothing could stop me from going. Continue reading Geeks in Bristol – My First GeekOut South-West Meetup!

The Challenges I face as a Cosplayer

Those who follow me over on GeekOut South-West will be very aware of the fact that I’m a cosplayer, a rather vocal one at that. This is a short post about the types of challenges that I face as a cosplayer and what I do to get around them. Continue reading The Challenges I face as a Cosplayer

EGX Highlights – Cosplay

During Rezzed I had the opportunity of taking a few cosplay photos but I didn’t really get into it as I didn’t want to cramp Timlah’s style. He was the cosplay man, in disguise himself, so I just stood in the background and let him do his job. Thanks to him I did get some awesome photos in.

But now Timlah was in some faraway land so it was up to me to take on the EGX cosplay photo-taking duties. Last week I shared a photo of a Peach cosplayer I dubbed the best of EGX Cosplay. I still think he was. The confidence and joy he displayed while walking around dressed as Peach was amazing and it was one of the best moments of my EGX visit. Continue reading EGX Highlights – Cosplay