On Internet Etiquette – Comments

Whether you’re writing a comment, or you’re writing a blog post, etiquette is hugely important. You wouldn’t walk up to a stranger and tell them “that’s a terrible pair of shoes.” You wouldn’t tell a random person “Your hair looks funny.” I’d hope you wouldn’t turn down an invitation to a birthday by standing on a podium in front of a large group of people and say “I will not be attending this!” It’s rude, it’s unnecessary – But I think the technology we have is in part to blame.

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Extra Life 2017 – Tabletop RPG Time!

Extra Life is this Saturday! I’m really excited to take part this year and to raise money for McMaster Children’s Hospital, part of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Continue reading Extra Life 2017 – Tabletop RPG Time!

Behind The Scenes: Running A Website and Meetup

Ever considered a job in content creation? Dream of being the next big gaming news website? If so, look away, as this article is a no holds barred discussion on running a website that gets thousands of visitors. This isn’t going to be pretty, as I share the ups and downs of running a website on WordPress, the most popular blogging platform. Boy, did I ever make a lot of mistakes?
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Online Profile Management – When is it too much?

Between Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook—and Google+ huddled alone in a corner—it’s almost unheard of for people not to have some form of online presence. The internet connects us all in one way or another and one thing I’ve always wondered about and which a recent situation brought to my mind is how far some people go to control how others perceive that online persona.

Here’s the situation. An acquaintance recently made his début as a speaker in a technical conference and to get there he studied, bought books on the subject of public speaking and nailed the presentation to be honest. But on the way, the organisers of the event shared his personal twitter— without his permission, which I consider a bit of a no-no, always ask!

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Gameblasting for SpecialEffect – Gamely Giving Kick-Off!

We’ve prepared for it, planned, collected prizes, set schedules and warmed our broadcasting muscles. We’ve show awesome games, long games, short games and done a bit of everything. Our big boss has been hard at work behind the scenes, whipping us into shape (with an actual whip!) and making sure we have all our responsibilities down with practiced efficiency, while also coordinating everything, so we owe her a lot!

There are plans, spreadsheets and more, but it’s all for this day:

Gameblast 2016 starts TODAY! We’re raising money SpecialEffect, an amazing charity that creates custom hardware and software to help those with disabilities to enjoy the games many of us take for granted. It’s inspiring and humbling to see them at work, and their success stories will melt even the coldest heart. Continue reading Gameblasting for SpecialEffect – Gamely Giving Kick-Off!