Review: Guacamelee! 2

I love Metroidvania, it’s up there among my favourite video game genres and the original Guacamelee! holds a special place in my heart, not just because of how amazing it is in gameplay and how genuinely funny it is, but being Latin American and a native Spanish Speaker, I always found another layer to the game that made the humour even cleverer. Continue reading Review: Guacamelee! 2

Zen Gaming – Hob

I’ve had Hob installed on my PC for months, since last year in fact, and it’s a game I’ve been putting off constantly. It’s been on my list and every time I see the icon on the desktop I think “oh yeah, it’s that game!” but it wasn’t until last night that I decided to have a go at it, perhaps because I couldn’t find more excuses.

Now I wonder why I didn’t do so sooner. Continue reading Zen Gaming – Hob

Review: A Hat in Time

It’s time for the last review of 2017, and I can’t think of a better way to end it than with a dash of pure platforming and adventuring joy. This is A Hat in Time.
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Platformers – The Bullet Hell Factor

Last night during my Twitch broadcast–trying a new schedule–I played Outland and Rabi-Ribi, two Metroidvania-style platformers and while playing them I noticed something I hadn’t before, even as a fan of the platforming genre and the metroidvania subgenre and it’s how often these games have bullet-hell elements, where part of the challenge is to avoid countless damaging projectiles as part of traversing the environment and defeating the bosses placed in front of us.

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My year (so far) in Metroidvania – Best of the Best

I love platformers, they take me back to my childhood playing Super Mario Bros. with my sister on our NES, each struggling to reach the next level in the classic Nintendo title and all but whistling the 1-1 tune out of memory months later.

When it came time to pick our genres for the Gamely Giving Gameblast marathon a few months ago, I went with the platformer genre, not only because of how I felt about it but also because it’s a fun genre to watch and usually very family friendly, which was important with my broadcasting shift times. Continue reading My year (so far) in Metroidvania – Best of the Best

Review: Mekazoo

Imagine there’s a world out there where everything is biomechanical, where life is a mix of technology and organic matter. You live in such a world as a carefree animal until an evil force brainwashes your friends. What do you do? Well, you set out on the adventure into the Mekazoo to free them!

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Review: Metrico+

Lines, bars and pies are usually just boring charts on a PowerPoint presentation, showing you dull numbers while someone drones on about stats. But only in Metrico+ do these come to life as fiendish platformer puzzles.

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Review: Life Goes On: Done to Death

The King has seen the face of death and decided he doesn’t want that, death is so boring after all. So he sends his knights on a valiant quest to recover the Cup of Life so he may be immortal. Sure, many of them will die, but who cares? Life Goes On, after all!

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Preview: Perpetual Night

I played Perpetual Night during Rezzed 2016 and I gave you a little preview of how it plays. After the event, I received a demo build of the game thanks to the awesome people at Studio Genkan.

Before I begin: Perpetual Night is still on Kickstarter and at the time of publishing this article, there are four days left in the campaign and still a long way to go, so if you like what you see and you’re intrigued enough to help make this a reality, then please head on to campaign page and back this project! Continue reading Preview: Perpetual Night

Rezzed 2016 – Skylar & Plux and Furi

One of the first interviews I booked for this year’s Rezzed was for a game called Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island. At the same time I did this, because they both use the same Public Relations firm, I also booked one for Furi.

At first I’ll admit I wasn’t too keen on Furi, as the promotional material kept talking about responsive combat, a phrase I’ve heard and read many times in the past with the sudden realisation when playing the game that it was a lie. But I’m nothing if not open-minded so I decided to give Furi a shot anyway.

It was the right choice. Continue reading Rezzed 2016 – Skylar & Plux and Furi