Nancy Drew – End of the road?

It finally happened. Earlier this week I reached the end of the line with the Nancy Drew adventure game series, playing and finishing Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness, the last title released in the series so far. Continue reading Nancy Drew – End of the road?

Unity Awards 2016 – NFTS Games – Into the Black

Unite is the yearly Unity super convention, giving Unity engine game developers the chance to mingle and network with fellow game devs, learn of the latest and upcoming technologies and even get certifications in Unity development.

But there is another thing happening at the yearly Unite, The Unity Awards, celebrating some of the year’s best releases using the engine, and this year, the talented students of the NFTS Games program received a nomination in the Best Student Project category. Continue reading Unity Awards 2016 – NFTS Games – Into the Black

Game Building – Homebrew or Third Party Engines?

Video Game engines are at the core of any video game development. They provide the tools the content creators will need to build the game the audience will enjoy. Engines also come with constraints, limitations that often drag games down or make further entries in a series a harder task.

We all know of the popular engines such as Unreal and Unity, but there are dozens out there we never hear of, as they are homebrewed creations by the developers, built from the ground up to serve the need for a specific game. It’s not unusual for developers to use these private engines once and then switch to a new original engine or adapt an existing one. Continue reading Game Building – Homebrew or Third Party Engines?

Attic Cleanup 15-12-2013

Another week gone! Just a few short ones until this kickass year ends. Kim, from, asked me about two things I thought made this year amazing, and I had no problem coming up with something to say. As for what I said, well…don’t be so nosy.

This week’s image is a bit of a pun, if you know your Hellboy, you’ll get it!

Continue reading Attic Cleanup 15-12-2013