Review: Return of the Obra Dinn

The Obra Dinn was lost at sea, the souls aboard it missing along with the vessel. Now it’s been found but empty, save for the skeletal remains of its crew and evidence of great violence. It’s up to you, as insurance agent for the most honourable East India Trading Company to find out what happened on the journey before the Return of the Obra Dinn. Continue reading Review: Return of the Obra Dinn

Top Myst-like Games

A few weeks ago I saw that Cyan Worlds had put up a Kickstarter campaign for a 25th Anniversary Collection of Myst, a series of games I adore but because of limitations, mostly incompatibility with modern systems and being unavailable for purchase, haven’t been able to play as much as I’ve wanted to, with some titles in the series completely out of my reach.

Needless to say, I jumped at the chance and spent a ludicrous amount of money on the project, going for the next to last tier, “Writer,” which will nab me the digital and physical copies of the games and a Myst Book Box, which along with the rest of the rewards I’m hoping will be freaking cool. Continue reading Top Myst-like Games

Review: The Station

A three- person crew aboard the stealth station, the Espial, set out on a mission to study an alien planet, the first with a civilisation. When contact is lost, they dispatch an agent to The Station.

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Nancy Drew – End of the road?

It finally happened. Earlier this week I reached the end of the line with the Nancy Drew adventure game series, playing and finishing Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness, the last title released in the series so far. Continue reading Nancy Drew – End of the road?

Nancy Drew Series – The Road so Far

I said it on Twitter a few days ago, that this week I was going to name-drop or speak of HeR Interactive‘s Nancy Drew series quite a bit, because it’s the only thing I’ve been playing lately. I wrote last week’s article on how some Nancy Drew games surprised me with their fantastic handling of horror material and someone dropped a lovely comment and said I should have waited until playing Nancy Drew: The Ghost at Thornton Hall, the scariest game in the series apparently.

The truth is I’d have loved doing just that but monetary restrictions prohibited that. In other words, too broke to buy that game. So, instead I decided to go back to the first games in the series, as I began with The White Wolf at Icicle Creek, the 16th entry in the Nancy Drew series, and which, as I’ve mentioned several times now, I had seen on the YouTube channel Game Grumps.

Around Christmas I bought most of the Nancy Drew games in a bundle, missing only a fair few, and with Wikipedia offering a handy list of earlier entries in the series, I tracked down the earliest possible title—that I owned—and picked it up from there. That title is the remastered version of Nancy Drew: Secrets can Kill. Continue reading Nancy Drew Series – The Road so Far

Review: The Turing Test

The Europa ground team is lost, no communication from them in two weeks. To find them or at least figure out what happened, Ava Turing descends to the planet and the research installation. She finds devious puzzles barring her path, and it quickly becomes clear they are another form of The Turing Test.
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Review: Obduction

What would you do if a strange seed of light suddenly took you from your home and placed you in a land enclosed by a dome? Would you accept things or would you explore and try to find the mystery at the core of this and many other worlds? That’s what I did in Obduction.
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System Shock is Back…with your help!

Nightdive Studios, the same people who brought us the Enhanced Edition for Looking Glass Studios’ classic PC game System Shock and own the rights to the series, including the stellar sequel—and one of my favourite games of all time—System Shock 2, are now doing something even more amazing. They’re remaking the first System Shock, bringing it to a whole new generation, but they need our help to make it true. Yep, they’re on Kickstarter, asking for help to make this game a reality and I am going to back it, I want this!
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Review: Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide

The Skaven live underground, they scurry about, almost forgotten by those on the surface. But things are changing, the world is ending and nothing will stop the Vermintide.

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Review: Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting

Most cops in horror media tend to get killed for a simple reason: for following up with an investigation. Maybe, just maybe, the Sheriff in Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting should’ve let this one go and not go poking his nose in the bunker at Cold Winter Farm.

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