Love, Hate & the internet: Abusive Fandoms

A few days ago, a friend told me “fandoms are weird” and I told him people were weird, but now I find myself agreeing with him.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild released a couple of weeks ago, and as you know I absolutely adore it and I enjoy every minute of my time with it. I not only like the game but I’m glad it received so many high reviews and that the sales have been great. I’m a giant Nintendo fan so I like hearing about them doing well.

But not every reviewer has the same standards or tastes, and every opinion is different. Reviews are opinions, educated opinions, sure, but experience and personal preferences play heavily into the text of a review and even more so the score. I’ve said it before that while I do argument my reviews and mention what I disliked and why, the score is absolutely subjective. It’s why you get scores of 6/5 sometimes, and lower or higher scores than the average. Continue reading Love, Hate & the internet: Abusive Fandoms

Gaming in 2017 – Major Annoyances!

The year is coming to a close and this is the part where most sites look to the past, to the other 11 months that came and went and decide which of the titles released is the best of the year in a vast variety of categories, with or without use input.

I did a bit of that last Friday but as I mentioned, I don’t do that sort of thing and I generally find it short-sighted, but after a month of intense FPS-ing, I just had to talk about these games.

But what I will do for the close of the year is talk about two things I’m terrified by in the gaming industry, trends that should they continue to evolve—or devolve—as they have in the past year, then much of my goodwill and respect for the industry will disappear, eroded by greed and a lack of creativity. Continue reading Gaming in 2017 – Major Annoyances!

Creative Struggle – Time to cut loose!

Weeks ago, I promised that I would return to fiction and more writing guides. Sadly, I haven’t had the time to do any of that. You might not believe it but keeping The Mental Attic on its 5-article a week rotation, plus the YouTube channel and the Twitch streams really take its toll on me and I often find myself struggling to keep up, to deliver an article with a level of quality we can all be happy with.

True, it’s my fault for taking on so many things at once, but when you really want something and you have goals in your mind, you know you’ll sacrifice whatever you have to and do the work. Still, I do wish I could return to other forms of writing, perhaps take a breather from the gaming world and look at some of my other interests for a while.
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Review: Rebel Galaxy

The galaxy is in chaos, Pirates and Cults roam space, looking for loot or ancient relics. But that’s all about to change. With the Spectre on my side and my ship, The Lawgeeker, we’ll bring order to this Rebel Galaxy.
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Attic Cleanup 15-12-2013

Another week gone! Just a few short ones until this kickass year ends. Kim, from, asked me about two things I thought made this year amazing, and I had no problem coming up with something to say. As for what I said, well…don’t be so nosy.

This week’s image is a bit of a pun, if you know your Hellboy, you’ll get it!

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Attic Cleanup – The Last Month…or so…

With some of my colleagues doing their roundups for the month/week, I decided to give them a shot. As V so kindly put it:

They’re fun and they don’t require too much thought, perfect for a Sunday eve.

So, let’s go over the last few happenings in The Mental Attic Continue reading Attic Cleanup – The Last Month…or so…

Dracula – Series Review

As always, I’ve given the series a 3-episode chance to hook me before I write the review. If you’ve read my previous reviews, you’ll know, that number is usually enough to measure the quality of the series. Continue reading Dracula – Series Review

Dracula: Resurrection & Dracula: The Last Sancturary Review

The Good:

  • Solid Puzzles.
  • Great atmosphere.

The Bad:

  • Terrible plot, characters and abominable writing.
  • Heavily Pixelated Environments.
  • No item descriptions.

I bought Dracula: Resurrection and Dracula: The Last Sanctuary as part of the Dracula Trilogy, a bundle of games sold on I bought them because they were adventure games and based on Dracula, which might be my favorite novel, and also the first one I read willingly and not as part of a school assignment. So, I may be a tad harsher than usual in this review… Continue reading Dracula: Resurrection & Dracula: The Last Sancturary Review

Deadpool Review

The Good

  • The 4th wall breaking moments are fantastic
  • The hallucinations.
  • The inner voices.
  • The pop culture references.
  • Mocks itself and its own genre.
  • Stays true to its apparent lack of plot.
  • In essence: DEADPOOL (all the above)
  • Cable.
  • Every single cinematic.
  • Visually stunning.
  • Upgrades feel significant.
  • The “Old School” momentum finisher.
  • The Wolverine Slapping.
  • Rogue-pool.

The Bad

  • Some of the humor is off.
  • Strange action mapping (Dodge & Counter).
  • Repetitive enemies.
  • Shooting camera.
  • Repeats phrases a bit too much.
  • Boss fights too simple.
  • No final boss (not really). Continue reading Deadpool Review

Emerald City Confidential

The Good:

  • The Magic Duel with Mombi, the only fun part of this game.
  • The Gumps.
  • You can set the walking speed in the options…thankfully.

The Bad

  • Characters are flat and uninteresting.
  • Art style is dull.
  • Character animations are stiff.
  • Voice acting is terrible.
  • Puzzles, if they can be called that, are too simple.
  • Quest and Item overlays are annoying and in the way.
  • Quest-based gameplay takes you by the hand during the entire experience.
  • The World of Oz doesn’t feel even remotely “Wonderful”.
  • Characters are too noir, and too little Oz. Continue reading Emerald City Confidential