Perils of Nostalgia: Vampire the Masquerade – Redemption

Last week I had the sudden urge to go back to the Vampire the Masquerade video games, as I wait for hardcover Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition books to arrive in the mail. I have fond memories of both games and thought it would be amazing to relive some of them, perhaps try new builds or characters. I’ve yet to go back to Bloodlines, but Redemption isn’t what I remember… Continue reading Perils of Nostalgia: Vampire the Masquerade – Redemption

Series to Binge – Grimm

I love fairy tales, as much as I love myths. They’re some of our oldest forms of storytelling. They’re full of lessons and warnings, a bit of wisdom retained after the entertainment. They are also almost universally terrifying, despite the best effort of sanitising them by filmmakers and entertainment companies. So, it was refreshing for me to see a TV series not only tap into these wonderful stories, but tap into the horror aspect, reimagining it for a new audience, giving us a vision of the world that was full of awe and terror. I can’t tell you enough, how much I love Grimm. Continue reading Series to Binge – Grimm

Review: Unavowed

From the first moment I played one of Dave Gilbert’s games, I became a fan of Wadjet Eye Games and have enjoyed every title they’ve released. When the chance came to get my hands on Unavowed, their latest point & click adventure, I jumped at the chance.

Continue reading Review: Unavowed

Preview: Adam Wolfe

Adam Wolfe is a hidden object game, a subgenre of point & click adventures that I usually don’t play. I’m not a big fan of hidden object games, as the ones I’ve played before offered very little challenge with extremely simplistic puzzles, not to mention the subpar storytelling. It’s why I was hesitant to accept any codes for Adam Wolfe.

But on reading more about Adam Wolfe, I had to give it a shot, if only to haven enough to rant about it and other hidden object games for a little while. Continue reading Preview: Adam Wolfe

Fiction – New One-shot Premises!

Hi everybody. I mentioned a short while ago that I would come back to you with new premises and updates on the current stories.

Let’s get the updates out of the way. The stories I’ve already written are still with my proofreader, whom I’ll stick with a cattle prod this weekend to get him reading and giving me the feedback I so desperately need, so I can start working on second drafts and possibly posting the stories (sadly, don’t have many proofreaders or beta readers at the moment, though I’m in the process of roping a few more people in). I’m also thinking of getting some custom artwork made for them, to enhance the stories with a couple of visuals–well, that and the fact that I need very few excuses to commission more stuff from my go-to artist, Biddoodles. It might cost me money, but the quality is phenomenal and I just dig her style. Continue reading Fiction – New One-shot Premises!

Fiction Update – New Premises Incoming!

It’s been a few months since I set up the page for people to vote on the short stories they wanted me to write. I have already written two, the first ones people voted for, Fringes and Lion’s Claw.

I sent them to one of my proofreader, my brother in law, but haven’t heard back from him yet. Then again, my sister had a little baby girl last month so they’re a bit busy. I’m going to try to find another proofreader/beta reader for the stories next week to hopefully get these new stories up and running here. Continue reading Fiction Update – New Premises Incoming!

Review: The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça and Pizza Boy

Monsters are out there, hidden from mortals but living among them. Some are good, just trying to make a living but others aren’t so nice. When people have trouble with the supernatural, they come to one man, Dog Mendonça and his intern, Pizza Boy.
Continue reading Review: The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça and Pizza Boy

First Look: Shadowhunters

A young girl loses her mother and tumbles into a world of demons, vampires and much more. She’s not human, they tell her, but one of the chosen guardians of humanity, the Shadowhunters.

Continue reading First Look: Shadowhunters

Writing in the Attic

I know there haven’t been any new Bad Blood chapters in a little while, nor have there been any new pieces or character concepts for Summersalt. Hell, there haven’t been any new Writing Guide entries. I haven’t abandoned them, trust me I haven’t. But Extra Life was my first priority for a while.

They will be back soon but to make sure the quality is there while I’m working on several things at once, I’m going to do things differently now. Let’s go over each: Continue reading Writing in the Attic

Oldie but Goodie – Eureka & Warehouse 13

Over the past few months I’ve been going through old TV series thanks to Netflix. In the lull between seasons, I decided to go back to some of my favourite shows. I’ve seen the glorious first season of Heroes, before the thing derailed. I’ve seen the five seasons of Fringe, with John Noble bringing me to tears more than once.

But while I’ll probably speak of those series and more in the future, today I’ll talk about two of my all-time favourite series. Both aired on Syfy (originally Sci-Fi Channel) and even crossing over with each other on one occasion. These series had amazing characters, interesting situations and wonderful storytelling. They were Eureka and Warehouse 13. Continue reading Oldie but Goodie – Eureka & Warehouse 13