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Preview: Adam Wolfe

Adam Wolfe is a hidden object game, a subgenre of point & click adventures that I usually don’t play. I’m not a big fan of hidden object games, as the ones I’ve played before offered very little challenge with extremely simplistic puzzles, not to mention the subpar storytelling. It’s why I was hesitant to accept any codes for Adam Wolfe.

But on reading more about Adam Wolfe, I had to give it a shot, if only to haven enough to rant about it and other hidden object games for a little while.

But you know what? I kinda like it. Sure, the puzzles could be much more complex and the story a bit less predictable, but what I played, the first episode, was interesting enough to keep me hooked for playing the full season.

I like Urban Fantasy. It’s my go-to genre and one of my weaknesses, so Adam Wolfe is a right fit for me. I want to see more of this world and how it fits the many supernatural elements with the disappearance of Adam’s sister. I wonder if the mystery will be satisfactory or not.

If there is one thing I truly dislike about Adam Wolfe, is how it locks you away from UI elements. You can’t use the gun, watch, mobile phone or other elements unless the game prompts you for them, which happens exactly twice in the episode for most of them. Don’t restrict your players and don’t tell them what to do. Let them discover things for themselves.

Part of what makes adventure such a fantastic genre is the joy of discovery. By showing a bright red button telling them to use the gun or the watch, you lose some of that discovery.

As you know, episodic games do not get full review scores until the end of the season. For now, enjoy the video I recorded of the first episode of Adam Wolfe.

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