Review: Unavowed

From the first moment I played one of Dave Gilbert’s games, I became a fan of Wadjet Eye Games and have enjoyed every title they’ve released. When the chance came to get my hands on Unavowed, their latest point & click adventure, I jumped at the chance.

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On Puzzle Design

(First of all, sorry for the somewhat long absence from the blogger-sphere, settling in a new country isn’t easy, and unsuccessful job hunting is very tiring…and depressing; but now I’m back in the saddle)

This piece was inspired by a Japanese animation, Anime, series I’ve been watching for the past 3 years called Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle (Puzzle of God), and as the title suggests, it’s a show about puzzles and solving them and their craft, with feeble stories and a mixed-bag of characters enveloping them, and taking place in the most insane world ever, where there are Mega-corporations centered on puzzle making and with more money than all the countries in our world; where a particular puzzle might involve death traps, man-made islands and aircraft with labyrinths built in…or all of them combined. Continue reading On Puzzle Design

Emerald City Confidential

The Good:

  • The Magic Duel with Mombi, the only fun part of this game.
  • The Gumps.
  • You can set the walking speed in the options…thankfully.

The Bad

  • Characters are flat and uninteresting.
  • Art style is dull.
  • Character animations are stiff.
  • Voice acting is terrible.
  • Puzzles, if they can be called that, are too simple.
  • Quest and Item overlays are annoying and in the way.
  • Quest-based gameplay takes you by the hand during the entire experience.
  • The World of Oz doesn’t feel even remotely “Wonderful”.
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