Review: De-Void

You wake up to find everyone in your research team is gone, vanished into thin air. The local AI tells you he can’t find them, but he suggests confronting the anomalies he detects might reveal something important. But what is real and what is a simple construct of your limited mind? This is what you face in De-Void

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Review: P-O-L-L-E-N

In an alternate universe, Kennedy didn’t die and the USSR and the USA joined forces in the space race, colonising and exploring the solar system and beyond, finding amazing things in distant planets. After losing touch with Research Station M, on Titan, you’re the one sent to fix it all and find out what happened to the crew. This is P-O-L-L-E-N.
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Review: Deponia Doomsday

You thought Deponia had ended, right? You said Goodbye to it, me too. But no, there a new entry in the series and its name is quite fitting: Deponia Doomsday.
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First Look: Shadowhunters

A young girl loses her mother and tumbles into a world of demons, vampires and much more. She’s not human, they tell her, but one of the chosen guardians of humanity, the Shadowhunters.

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