Review: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1

One of the biggest surprises for me on Netflix in the past couple of years has been Riverdale. I never expected an Archie adaptation to be as good and entertaining—and dark—and this series has been for the past few seasons. When the people behind Riverdale announced the plans for adapting The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, I could hardly contain my excitement. I had read the comic and found it incredible, a wonderful way of reintroducing a classic character in a horror setting. Continue reading Review: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1

Review: Daredevil Season 3

In the wake of the cancellation news for Iron Fist—and more recently Luke Cage—Netflix released the third season of the Marvel superhero show that started it all for the platform, Daredevil, pitting the blind hero against Kingpin once more. Continue reading Review: Daredevil Season 3

Review: Bear With Me – Full Season

Her brother’s missing, Paper City burns and a mysterious arsonist, the Red Man stalks the streets and kills everything in its path. He’s after Amber and there’s only one person who can help her get to the bottom of things, Ted E. Bear. This is Bear With Me.
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Review: Constantine

Can you believe I’ve had this review drafted for a couple of years? Now, much like things happen in the world of Constantine, it’s begun to haunt me, to possess the other parts of The Mental Attic, so I have no choice but to send it out into the world and hope it doesn’t do much damage…ok, maybe that was a bit dramatic, but here’s the review of the first and only season of Constantine, the second (and best) adaptation of Hellblazer and the adventures of John Constantine!

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Overwatch Season 1 – Time’s Up!

Today marks the end of the first Overwatch competitive season. I’ve had fun times playing it, and I’ve also had moment where I had to walk away from it. No, it wasn’t salt, it wasn’t bitterness at losing, but we’ll get to that. Continue reading Overwatch Season 1 – Time’s Up!

Episodic Nightmare – The worrying trends of Episodic Gaming

Over the past couple of years, along with the rise of crowdfunding I’ve seen another trend emerge in gaming, one that will slowly reach the same level of shenanigans: Episoding Gaming. Episodic Games come in seasons, their story split into multiple chapters with their own price tag and of course the usual season pass, and over the course of potentially many years.

It used to be that episodic games were the domain of independent developers, those struggling to make enough money to meet development costs. The episodic nature would let them earn money on small bits of the game while they work on others. It also helps them by splitting the development into defined chunks, something useful I believe when they’re juggling day jobs with the game development responsibilities.

But while that is still somewhat true, there is a growing trend of full-time and highly successful game studios releasing games in the episodic format as well. Some have done it for ages and see no need to change now, as the business models suits them best, knowing how to take advantage of new episode releases to boost sales. Others use “episodic” as an excuse to cover up a delayed development and some just want to milk the trend as much as they can. Then there are the episodic titles released by major publishers, those that have no need for this type of content save for feeding the marketing fires. This last one has another side effect that I hope doesn’t become a common occurrence: releasing full games as episodic, splitting it up haphazardly in “post-production.” Continue reading Episodic Nightmare – The worrying trends of Episodic Gaming

Review – Tales of Monkey Island

I had originally planned on writing one big massive review of all the Telltale games, but I still haven’t finished playing through The Walking Dead and Wallace & Gromit (on this one it might be because I loathe Wallace & Gromit), and I don’t even have Jurassic Park, so I’ll write up individual reviews for each game. This time it’s Tales of Monkey Island.

I used to assume everyone knew, at least knew, what Monkey Island was, until I met a few girls and both were like “what the hell is that?”, so I’m not going to assume and give you a little background info on the series, nothing extensive of course, there’s Wikipedia for that.

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