Review: Bear With Me – Full Season

Her brother’s missing, Paper City burns and a mysterious arsonist, the Red Man stalks the streets and kills everything in its path. He’s after Amber and there’s only one person who can help her get to the bottom of things, Ted E. Bear. This is Bear With Me.
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Bear With Me – Episode 2 Playthrough

Last week I published a preview of the second episode in the Toy Noir episodic point & click adventure game Bear With Me.

Along with that preview, I posted the first part of the Bear With Me Episode 2 playthrough I recorded while getting the article together, and this week I’m following up with the rest of the episodes, I hope you enjoy them. Continue reading Bear With Me – Episode 2 Playthrough

Preview: Bear With Me – Episode 2

Last year I played the first episode of the Toy Noir point & click adventure game, Bear With Me, where you play as crime fighting duo Amber Ashworth and the retired detective Ted. E. Bear, on the search for Amber’s missing brother, Flint, as well as trying to uncover the identity of the mysterious Red Man while trying to stay one step ahead of him, as he’s after Amber.

The first episode in the season, released in August 2016, ended with a cliffhanger as Amber and Ted leave the confines and comfort of Amber’s home for Paper City, the home of all toys, a place drawn from Amber’s imagination. Continue reading Preview: Bear With Me – Episode 2

Review: Agenda

We are in the shadows. We control the news, the military, the government and science. We make money flow or stop at our whim, and we’ll save or shatter the world according to our singular visions. It is all in service of our Agenda.
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Preview: Bear With Me – Episode 1

Bear with Me is a new point & click adventure game. Yes, it’s episodic, because they’re all episodic now. Strangely, when I got the press release offering the review code it didn’t mention anything about it being just the first episode of the season, so imagine my surprise when, preparing myself for a long playthrough I find myself facing the dreaded sentence “End of Episode One.”

With that bit of discomfort out of the way, I have to say I enjoyed the first episode greatly. The game is full of wonderful atmosphere, a genius combination between childhood innocence and youthful imagination and the grim bitter reality of the Noir genre. When you have a convincing private detective in a teddy bear, you know you’re in for a nice adventuring romp. Continue reading Preview: Bear With Me – Episode 1