Surprisingly Good TV – The Good Place

Have you ever gone through TV channels or through your Netflix account, looking at the many names of shows and just skipping over them, perhaps with a momentary judgement towards them? Maybe their names seem over the top or the logo seems silly, or perhaps even the genre is not your usual thing.

But then, one day, you’re extremely bored or you read or heard about some of those shows or films and decide, “yeah, I’ll watch the first episode,” and suddenly “how bad could it be?” turns into a day or binge-watching an entire season, or looking forward to the next week’s entry. Continue reading Surprisingly Good TV – The Good Place

Review: Constantine

Can you believe I’ve had this review drafted for a couple of years? Now, much like things happen in the world of Constantine, it’s begun to haunt me, to possess the other parts of The Mental Attic, so I have no choice but to send it out into the world and hope it doesn’t do much damage…ok, maybe that was a bit dramatic, but here’s the review of the first and only season of Constantine, the second (and best) adaptation of Hellblazer and the adventures of John Constantine!

Continue reading Review: Constantine

Review: Crossbones

Crossbones is a new NBC series starring John Malkovich as Blackbeard and set in the island of New Providence from where the pirate has been acting in secret. After watching Black Sails and loving it, I was excited to see this but I was completely and sadly disappointed. Continue reading Review: Crossbones