Awesome Bloggers, Awesome Awards!

Over the past month I’ve received some nominations to some cool WordPress Award, and with the latest one, I thought it was about time I wrote about it and gave thanks and pointed the finger at some very talented individuals whose writing entertains, educates and inspires me. Continue reading Awesome Bloggers, Awesome Awards!

Review – Tales of Monkey Island

I had originally planned on writing one big massive review of all the Telltale games, but I still haven’t finished playing through The Walking Dead and Wallace & Gromit (on this one it might be because I loathe Wallace & Gromit), and I don’t even have Jurassic Park, so I’ll write up individual reviews for each game. This time it’s Tales of Monkey Island.

I used to assume everyone knew, at least knew, what Monkey Island was, until I met a few girls and both were like “what the hell is that?”, so I’m not going to assume and give you a little background info on the series, nothing extensive of course, there’s Wikipedia for that.

Tales_of_Monkey_Island-logo Continue reading Review – Tales of Monkey Island