Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller – Review

The Good

  • Episodes have fantastic and engaging stories.
  • The overarching plot is amazing.
  • Solid Gameplay.
  • Powers get plenty of use.
  • Erica’s smartphone is useful for more than just calling.
  • Incredible music and voice acting.
  • Smart and interesting puzzles.

The Bad

The Telltale Games Sam & Max series

 sam & max logo


“You crack me up little buddy…” Is something you’ll hear quite a bit in Sam & Max, and it never gets old or annoying.


For those like me without any idea on what Sam & Max was beyond easter eggs showing up in LucasArts games, here’s a little explanation. Sam & Max is a comic book by Steve Purcell starring the eponymous Sam & Max, Freelance Police, sort of Private Detectives but working for the Police Commissioner as extra cops, called in when needed, which is quite often to be honest. Sam is a 6-foot Dog in a grey suit with matching fedora, prone to over-exposition and long-winded exclamations, and Max, his trusty partner is a white “hyperkinetic rabbity thing”, with straight long bunny ears, a permanent manic grin and a fluffy tail and is a complete sociopath. Their office is in a rundown building on the corner of Straight and Narrow and they share the floor with a Noir inspired, more traditional PI called Flint Paper, who can be seen almost every time beating up a suspect for information. The office is also where you are at the beginning of most episodes, and with each episode and season, the office is funnier, as the boys enjoy keeping trophies in their closet, which more often than not come from living beings, or are actually alive.


sam & max

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Review – Tales of Monkey Island

I had originally planned on writing one big massive review of all the Telltale games, but I still haven’t finished playing through The Walking Dead and Wallace & Gromit (on this one it might be because I loathe Wallace & Gromit), and I don’t even have Jurassic Park, so I’ll write up individual reviews for each game. This time it’s Tales of Monkey Island.

I used to assume everyone knew, at least knew, what Monkey Island was, until I met a few girls and both were like “what the hell is that?”, so I’m not going to assume and give you a little background info on the series, nothing extensive of course, there’s Wikipedia for that.

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