Review: Tomb Raider (2018)

I went to see Tomb Raider during the weekend. I suspected it would be a terrible film, not just because everything shown so far gave me that impression but because it’s a video game adaptation and they’re usually terrible.

But nothing prepared me for just how bad this film is. On the surface it’s a workable adventure film, full of action sequences to keep you entertained, and the set pieces are great, they’re impressive in fact. The problem is that nothing else is. Continue reading Review: Tomb Raider (2018)

Review: Morphite

A lone girl in a space station dreams of exploring. One day she gets the chance and finds something she’d only heard of in stories, the wondrous material known as Morphite.
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The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 – Review

I liked the first season of the Shannara Chronicles, I thought the plot was great, performances were strong and it had some fantastic twists that I didn’t see coming. Season 2 on the other hand was a profound disappointment. Continue reading The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 – Review

Star Ocean: The Last Hope 4K And Full Remaster – Review

The Earth is gone, kaput, we blew it up. Now, the space, the final frontier, the Star Ocean may be our Last Hope. This is Star Ocean IV: The Last Hope – Remastered in 4k!
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Review: Hypernova – Escape from Hadea

The sun is dying and when it goes, it’ll take all of us with it. To survive, we need to set up a colony in a nearby moon and build the star-bridge that will take us to a new home. We don’t have much time until the sun goes Hypernova though.
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Review: Iron Fist

I’ve seen every Netflix Marvel series so far. I adored both seasons of Daredevil, I enjoyed Jessica Jones—even if I did find it a bit slow and heavy—and I really liked Luke Cage, despite its rather rushed and weak ending, so I was excited for Iron Fist, the last individual hero we would see before they all joined forces in Defenders.

Iron Fist is the story of Danny Rand, a billionaire whose plane crashed in the Himalayas when he was a child. Found in the snow by warrior monks, they raise him in K’un Lun, a sacred place that exists in another plane and connects to the rest of the world every fifteen years. As he grows in this mystical land, Danny learns several forms of martial arts, overcomes many trials and eventually becomes the next Iron Fist, the sacred guardian of K’un Lun. Continue reading Review: Iron Fist

Review: Nebulous

An astronaut is lost in space, sucked through a wormhole and spat out somewhere he doesn’t know. No, it’s not Farscape, it’s the latest puzzle game Nebulous.

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Spiral of Mediocrity – 2013 (to March 2014)

TV series are a funny thing, each show is a different beast, with different levels of quality in writing, performances, characterizations and plots, yet all fight each other for the spotlight, for a better schedule and more importantly, for another year. Extra effort always goes into the Pilot episode and the Season Finale, both big ratings grabbers. Continue reading Spiral of Mediocrity – 2013 (to March 2014)