Spiral of Mediocrity – 2013 (to March 2014)

TV series are a funny thing, each show is a different beast, with different levels of quality in writing, performances, characterizations and plots, yet all fight each other for the spotlight, for a better schedule and more importantly, for another year. Extra effort always goes into the Pilot episode and the Season Finale, both big ratings grabbers. Continue reading Spiral of Mediocrity – 2013 (to March 2014)

Attic Cleanup – 01-12-2013

I really should’ve written this a few hours ago, but gaming tends to make time go away in a hurry.

So, November’s gone, good riddance, and it’s time for the last weeks of this year.

So, how has the week treated me? So-so. Let’s start with me:

Continuing from last week, I spent most of this week, when I wasn’t working or WoW-ing, playing Black Flag, A Link Between Worlds and Pandora’s Tower, making significant process in each. In fact, I think I’m close to the end of Zelda, but there’s still one heart piece that eludes me and I don’t want to finish it without getting it…I’m kind of a completionist when it comes to Zelda.

The week was stressful, but thankfully I found the pleasures of Celtic Woman, an ensemble of fantastic Irish singers. While Youtube-zapping, I found myself listening to an entire concert, and it was awesome!

This week, Black Friday happened and tomorrow (technically today by the hour I’m writing this) is Cyber Monday, so there’ll be even more chances to ruin my economy with good deals, no that my economy needs more help in being ruined hahaha.

I saw Thor: The Dark World on Thursday and as I tweeted after seeing it, I thought it was “meh”, nothing special, not good but not bad, just average. I have too many issues with the game in terms of plot, characterization and even aesthetics. I’ll probably post a review for it this week, but I can’t promise anything.

This week, I finally finished Phoenix Online Studio’s Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, a fantastic Point & Click adventure game I tried my best to hold off finishing because then I wouldn’t have more Cognition to play. It happens with good games and good books, you want to get to the end, but you also don’t want it to end.

On Saturday I took advantage of my dear sister’s Credit Card and bought Saint’s Row IV at a high discount on Steam and I’ve been playing it since, and while I’m enjoying myself, I find it lacking a bit, and I question some design choices.

Today, after weeks of trying, I finally got my Garrosh Normal kill on World of Warcraft’s Siege or Orgrimmar raid, so I’ve officially cleared the content, and Ahead of the Curve. It’s a pretty damn good fight, with a level of difficulty comparable to the Lich King, my favourite fight in the entire game.

On the Attic side, I had my review of Almost Human up and I recommend you all watch the series, it’s very good and has a lot of potential.

Kim, from 1001up.com, posted a fantastic Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned review, so if you’re interested in the game, go check it out, and don’t forget to read my rant about the game in the comments. Kim certainly wrote a nicer review than I would have.

Finally, after maybe a couple of months of promises, I finally wrote and published my Xenoblade Chronicles review, giving it the highest rating I can give, which made me think I should post my Rating system, which varies from TV & Film to Gaming, although both share the same lowest score rating of “OH HELL NO!”, which is a reference to Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias’ 6 leve-ls of Fatness. Look it up, it’s fantastically funny.

For this week I’ll have the review for the Cognition season. I think it’s easier than going into each episode separately, as they share many common traits, both good and bad, though mostly good hahaha.

I’m about 50% done on a piece on what makes good horror. It’s already been looked over/beta-read (the writing equivalent of Beta-testing) by my sister and a certain mysterious Dubliner, and neither thought it was garbage, so I think that part is solid.

Today (or yesterday if you’re keeping track) I recorder the 2nd of the reworked Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut boss fights, and I’ll have it up sometime this week or maybe I’ll hold off until I’ve seen all of them and post them all as a feature. I’m still deciding on that one.

On the stories side, I’ve been working on the characters and plot-lines for Igniters. I “retired” my Star Wars alternate-future diaries and journals. I’m going to do something interesting with that setting in the future, just don’t know exactly what yet.

Roberto’s next story is still in the works, I’ve been doing some mental-writing, building the first few scenes and running the plot in my head, and I’ve identified possible holes and some better ideas, and I’ll start putting it to MS Word either this week or the next.


Almost Human – Series Review

The years is 2048. Evolving technologies can no longer be regulated. Dangerous advancements forever alter the criminal landscape. Police are not prepared. Law enforcement combats this corruption with a new line of defence. But not all are created equal…Now all cops, human and man-made together, take on the battle to watch over us all…Continue reading Almost Human – Series Review