XCOM 2 – Ranking the Chosen!

I love XCOM 2. I played it on release and gave it one hell of a score. Now Firaxis and 2K have released an expansion that’s making me love the game even more.

It’s not very common for me to return to a game for an expansion, especially not when the expansion releases so long after the main game. But XCOM 2: War of the Chosen has so much content in it and the concept of the chosen was so interesting that I couldn’t resist coming back for more. Continue reading XCOM 2 – Ranking the Chosen!

Review: Hypernova – Escape from Hadea

The sun is dying and when it goes, it’ll take all of us with it. To survive, we need to set up a colony in a nearby moon and build the star-bridge that will take us to a new home. We don’t have much time until the sun goes Hypernova though.
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Review: XCOM 2

We thought we’d beaten them, but they held back. Then they came, they conquered and we hid. But now we have a second shot. Let’s show them what the XCOM Project is all about!

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