StarCraft II – Finally Caught Up!

I played StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty when it first launched but after that, and for the longest time, I couldn’t get my hands on the other campaigns, Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the void, the Zerg and Protoss campaigns respectively. But then a big digital sale came around near the end of last year!

But even so, the games languished in my backlog until just very recently when I decided to binge on them, to complete the campaigns and see the rest of the story, following Kerrigan and Zeratul. Continue reading StarCraft II – Finally Caught Up!

Review: Golem Gates

The world is a ruined place, darkness blankets every surface. But even in this darkness hope awakens, it’s the Arbiter. Guided by a mysterious entity, he’s on a quest to recover his identity and free the land, and to do so he must destroy their Golem Gates
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Preview: Golem Gates

I’m usually not a fan of card-based games unless they’re card games. Ok, that didn’t make much sense. Let’s try again: I like card games like Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering, Gwent and so on, CCGs, TCGs and deck builders. Those games where the cards are the game. What I’m traditionally not a fan of are those games in other genres that use decks and cards, such as RTS or RPGs using decks, say Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories or Children of the Zodiarcs.

Funnily enough, I kinda like both of those examples, because they’re very good implementations of the cards and deck mechanics in other genres. But it’s something that can go in horrendous directions unless done properly.

So, when I got the information on Golem Gates, a real-time strategy title on Early Access and featuring cards, I had that involuntary groan when I suspect the experience is going to be awful. But as always, I said yes, because despite my misgivings and fears, there might be a jewel of gaming there, and unless I give it its fair shake, I won’t find out. Continue reading Preview: Golem Gates

Review: Spellforce III

The Mage Wars have ended but the world isn’t at peace. A deadly plague and a fanatical group killing magical beings keep the populace in fear. But there is hope, though it comes from the unlikeliest source, the heir to the madman behind the Mage Wars. This is Spellforce III.
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Review: Hypernova – Escape from Hadea

The sun is dying and when it goes, it’ll take all of us with it. To survive, we need to set up a colony in a nearby moon and build the star-bridge that will take us to a new home. We don’t have much time until the sun goes Hypernova though.
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Review: Kyn

You exit a mysterious cave brimming with power…are you Aladdin? No, you’re a Magni warrior. Strap on your axe and join the battle to protect your Kyn.

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