Review – Iron Fist Season 2

I disliked the first season of Iron Fist, I thought it was boring, focused more on corporate shenanigans and nebulous villains than on the martial arts badassery the character deserves. So I came to the 2nd season a bit dubious of how good it could be and gotta say, it pays to have low expectations!

This is a more violent season, but also very personal to the characters, with some much-needed character growth. Continue reading Review – Iron Fist Season 2

Review: Iron Fist

I’ve seen every Netflix Marvel series so far. I adored both seasons of Daredevil, I enjoyed Jessica Jones—even if I did find it a bit slow and heavy—and I really liked Luke Cage, despite its rather rushed and weak ending, so I was excited for Iron Fist, the last individual hero we would see before they all joined forces in Defenders.

Iron Fist is the story of Danny Rand, a billionaire whose plane crashed in the Himalayas when he was a child. Found in the snow by warrior monks, they raise him in K’un Lun, a sacred place that exists in another plane and connects to the rest of the world every fifteen years. As he grows in this mystical land, Danny learns several forms of martial arts, overcomes many trials and eventually becomes the next Iron Fist, the sacred guardian of K’un Lun. Continue reading Review: Iron Fist

Awesomeness in March

March 2017 might be the most kickass month of this year.

Ok, maybe it’s a stretch considering it’s very early in 2017 and there’s lots of things to come, but March is surely bringing a lot of cool things that I’m really excited about…and a few others for which I’m less than thrilled, but I won’t go into them, mostly because it’s about politics, bonehead decisions and more politics.

So, let’s move into why I’m so excited about March 2017: Continue reading Awesomeness in March