The One Liners Tag Challenge

This week I was nominated not for a blogger award but something much more intriguing, a challenge! Specifically, it was the One Liner Tag challenge, and I have to thank Megan from A Geeky Gal for the nomination as well as congratulate her for the wonderful one liners she wrote! Continue reading The One Liners Tag Challenge

The Bejeezus Files – Games and Moments that Scared me Silly!

I’ve often mentioned how eclectic my video game tastes are, how I’ll pretty much play anything as long as the characters and storyline are interesting and manage to grab me. But I have to admit that of all games I play, it’s horror games that I struggle with the most.

You see, there are horror games that depend on cheap tactics to frighten you, and then there are those where you’re gazing behind you, not in the game but swivelling your chair, because the atmosphere gripped you so thoroughly you’re suddenly afraid the bad things will come get you at home. These are the titles or even sections that I can’t play for more than a few minutes at a time and saving as often as humanly possible.

It’s strange to me because despite the fear and the tension, I keep going, hungry to find the big reveal, the core of the story and its characters, or to at least find a payoff for the dread and the chill in my spine.

Looking back on the many games I’ve played, I wondered which video game scared me the most? Which game fell right under that category of “scaring the living crap out of me?” There are many games I’ve played in that Courage the Cowardly Dog way, and surprisingly some of the scariest moments in gaming for me have been in otherwise non-horror games, just having sequences that scared the living daylights out of me. Continue reading The Bejeezus Files – Games and Moments that Scared me Silly!

Gaming Tendencies – Button Holding

I’ve been playing games for decades now and I’ve seen many trends go by, some all about the graphical power of a game and many more on control schemes and in-game mechanics. Some hang around for a while like a bad cough and others, thankfully, go by without much consequence.

But for the past few years there’s been one such trend that has not only remained but seems to be spreading across the entire industry, infecting games of every genre and developers or every calibre. This trend is not only annoying on its impact on gameplay but also on how much it diminishes what used to be a valuable tool for creating tension and excitement.

The trend I’m being vague about is pressing and holding the buttons down for every single action, from picking up an item to opening a door.

Continue reading Gaming Tendencies – Button Holding

Horror Games – Halloween 2016

It’s Halloween! It’s time to trick, treat, go out, have fun, get candy from the neighbours and give respect to those living on the other side of the veil between our world and weirder ones.

It’s also a time for horror films, horror games and all things creepy, crawly, spooky and altogether ooky. On my end, I have a long list of horror films I’ll be enjoying tonight, plus a giant collection of H.P. Lovecraft stories to go through so my eerie evening is ready to go.

But it wouldn’t be Halloween in The Mental Attic if I didn’t share something with you, if I didn’t give you a little something for this most sacred and scream-worthy of holidays. So over the weekend I recorded a couple of short videos on some really fun games for you to keep an eye on: Continue reading Horror Games – Halloween 2016

The Seduction of Horror

What makes good Horror? These past weeks, recording playthroughs with my good friend John Heatz and the 1001-Up crew, I’ve wondered about that, and I found the answer in Romance, Seduction and Sex; their principles and that of horror are similar, they just seek different outcomes; though interestingly enough, the physical side of them are astoundingly similar. Continue reading The Seduction of Horror