Horror Games – Halloween 2016

It’s Halloween! It’s time to trick, treat, go out, have fun, get candy from the neighbours and give respect to those living on the other side of the veil between our world and weirder ones.

It’s also a time for horror films, horror games and all things creepy, crawly, spooky and altogether ooky. On my end, I have a long list of horror films I’ll be enjoying tonight, plus a giant collection of H.P. Lovecraft stories to go through so my eerie evening is ready to go.

But it wouldn’t be Halloween in The Mental Attic if I didn’t share something with you, if I didn’t give you a little something for this most sacred and scream-worthy of holidays. So over the weekend I recorded a couple of short videos on some really fun games for you to keep an eye on:

Outlast 2:

I played the original Outlast some years ago and while it started out very good, it eventually lost me with its cheating. I won’t get into the specifics though, because the focus this time is on the sequel. The Outlast 2 demo is still available on Steam and other networks but hurry up because it’s going away tomorrow.

Outlast 2 puts you in the shoes of another investigative reporter, this time in the heart of rural America, where people are into some weird stuff. While out recording, he and his wife have an accident and they end up in different places. As our protagonist shuffles to his feet he picks up his camera—which seems made of titanium because it doesn’t break after falling off a cliff—and starts exploring only to be suck into a nightmarish vision of a school, with mementos of his wife and a terrible presence stalking the halls. But then…maybe I shouldn’t tell you and let you watch it instead!

Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly – Wii Edition

I played the original Fatal Frame so many years ago, acting a co-pilot for my best friend. So in truth, I didn’t so much play it as offer moral support. The game scared us that badly and my friend, she vowed to never again play it.

Over the years, I’ve followed the series and I’m one of those severely disappointed that Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse didn’t get a Western release. But this weekend, as part of the Halloween sale on the Wii U shop, I picked up the Wii port of Fatal Frame 2, or more specifically Project Zero 2, its name in Europe.

The Wii port received many upgrades and extra stuff, though for me it’ll all be a new experience and one that is creepy as hell even with the rather outdated graphics. It just goes to show that when you have the atmosphere nailed down right, even the most mundane of graphics can be scary!

Those are my two games of Halloween 2016. Are you planning on playing or watching something interesting this year? Tell me about it in the comments. If you’ve played any of these games, what did you think? Do you think Outlast 2 will be better on release than the first?

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