Gaming Tendencies – Button Holding

I’ve been playing games for decades now and I’ve seen many trends go by, some all about the graphical power of a game and many more on control schemes and in-game mechanics. Some hang around for a while like a bad cough and others, thankfully, go by without much consequence.

But for the past few years there’s been one such trend that has not only remained but seems to be spreading across the entire industry, infecting games of every genre and developers or every calibre. This trend is not only annoying on its impact on gameplay but also on how much it diminishes what used to be a valuable tool for creating tension and excitement.

The trend I’m being vague about is pressing and holding the buttons down for every single action, from picking up an item to opening a door.

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The Best Star Wars Games

Star Wars is one of the best-known properties out there. That original 1977 film spawned sequel and prequel films, Tv series, cartoons, novels, comics, board games and of course Video Games. There have been Star Wars titles in pretty much every console and platform known to man, from the Atari 2600, passing by the Amiga to current generations.

Star Wars Video Games have taken us to the universe of the films, expanding it in ways their original creator perhaps never expected. We’ve played the films, alternate events and even side-stories, and we’ve been Jedi, Bounty Hunters, Criminals or just people caught in someone else’s mess. We’ve used The Force, Blasters or just a ton of Thermal Detonators. We’ve traveled through the Republic and the Outer Rim, found exotic locales and met strange creatures, both good and evil. We’ve found ancient relics and superweapons, collecting or taking them down! Continue reading The Best Star Wars Games

Genres & Gems

Second on these gaming posts.

This one’s all about genres.

No, I’m not gonna define the genres, you can check Wikipedia for those, but I am gonna talk about my favorites and mention a few games in each, little gems you might not know about.

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