Kitacon – Glorious Geek Talent

I spent the weekend in Coventry, attending my first Kitacon at Warwick University. I had a blast. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.

I met good friends, had a first time face-to-face and beard-to-beard meeting with a really cool guy and you know what, the universe didn’t explode in the face of such epic an occasion, though the pouring rain had us worried. Continue reading Kitacon – Glorious Geek Talent

E3 Highlights (For me)

A few hours delayed but I had to sort my ideas about this year’s E3 and catch a few more videos, demos and other bits of news. Then I had to make up my mind on which I thought were the best and which ones I really didn’t care about, and boy there’s a lot I don’t give a damn about.

Starting with the now tired notion of “who won E3?” Which is rather pointless, to be honest.

But let’s not get into that, and focus on the really important thing about E3, the games! Continue reading E3 Highlights (For me)

MCM London Comic Con – My first ever Con!

If you asked me to describe the MCM London Comic Con, the answer would be ‘massive’. I have been to Rezzed two years in a row, and that’s a very intimate event, but even the big daddy of European gaming conventions, EGX, is tiny compared to the MCM Comic Con. There are so many people there, from organisers, artists, cosplayers and everyone else. It is absolutely massive.

This was my first Comic Con and not only was it a fantastic personal experience and I geeked out like I never have before, but it was also a monumental experience as runner/editor/writer of The Mental Attic. Why? Because I attended the MCM London Comic Con as Press. Continue reading MCM London Comic Con – My first ever Con!

The Challenges I face as a Cosplayer

Those who follow me over on GeekOut South-West will be very aware of the fact that I’m a cosplayer, a rather vocal one at that. This is a short post about the types of challenges that I face as a cosplayer and what I do to get around them. Continue reading The Challenges I face as a Cosplayer

Timlah’s Guide to Convention Crews

We’re getting into the convention season here in the United Kingdom. This is probably true for where you are too, if you know where to look for your local scene. It’s an exciting time for fandom, as it’s a chance to meet up with people you would only get to see maybe once a year, or to meet people who are actually important to you from a media perspective. It’s fandom, for crying out loud, or as I call it: Geekdom! For those of you who are uninitiated in convention activities, let me break some of the usual goings on down for you:

  • Cosplayers
  • Panels
  • Very strange and random moments
  • Romance
  • Bromance
  • Necromancy… In Cosplay!
  • Much junk food/sweets to consume
  • Merriment abound

Does this sound like a bit of a blast to you? Well it sure is a lot of fun to the thousands of people across the world who flock to these massive events. But alas, that doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games. Behind every great convention there are a dedicated team of staff, often known as crew, who work tirelessly through the convention to bring the content the fans deserve. It’s not an easy job, it’s not even a paid position, for the record. It’s something people do for love of the community and I’ve had the pleasure of being a member of crew. This is just a few pointers and even some opinions of what it’s like to be one of these tireless workers.

Continue reading Timlah’s Guide to Convention Crews